Leftist state unleashes one radical scheme that left even Democrats scratching their heads

Even while the Radical Left continues to try and destroy this nation, true Americans are fighting back. But will it be enough?

And this Leftist state unleashed one radical scheme that left even Democrats scratching their heads.

Attorneys general from sixteen states in the union have threatened to sue the state of Maine should legislation be passed that protects medical professionals and other state residents—including parents—from being sued out-of-state for performing or obtaining abortions and child s*x modifications within the state.

The attorneys general from Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia wrote a letter to Senate President Troy Jackson, House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross, and Maine Governor Janet Mills.

The letter states, “We, the undersigned Attorneys General, write to express serious concern regarding LD 227, a bill pending in the Maine Legislature. While it is extremely unusual for States to interject themselves in another State’s lawmaking, LD 227’s unique constitutional transgressions merit our comment.”

They further claimed that the bill “seeks to contravene the lawful policy choices of our States’ citizens by imposing on the rest of the country Maine’s views on hotly debated issues such as gender transition surgeries for children.”

They cracked down on the implications and said, “The law’s far-reaching provisions are unprecedented.”

According to the letter, the bill “purports to shield from liability those offering or aiding the provision of unlawful services to citizens located in our States — a provision Planned Parenthood asserts would ‘safeguard’ Maine providers and patients from ‘out-of-state laws that ban or restrict care that is legal in Maine.”

“The law also creates a private right of action for damages against law enforcement, prosecutors, and other officials in our States who are enforcing our own valid state laws, even laws whose constitutionality has been confirmed by federal appellate courts. On top of that, LD227 purports to block valid orders and judgments from our state courts enforcing laws upheld by federal appellate courts,” it continues.

WGME reports that opponents of the bill raised a number of concerns at an early March hearing, including circumstances in which a parent lacking custody of a child takes a minor into the state for an abortion or s*x change without the other parent’s agreement.

One resident of the state said, “I oppose LD 227 because it undermines the authority of parents.”

Rep Katrina Smith said, “LD 227 states there is only a legal right to encourage gender dysphoria and not to question it or slow it down. A child can come to Maine and even if a parent objects, they will be allowed any gender service they could name.”

The editor in chief for the Maine Wire, Steve Robinson, said that the bill was “the craziest thing that I’ve ever seen.”

He added, “If you want to try and find the public version of the text of this bill, you can’t because of the process that they’ve used to introduce this piece of legislation, which some are arguing was an intentional effort to prevent people from rallying in opposition to this radical piece of legislation.”

Robinson claimed that the bill would essentially enable anybody to “take a minor, related to them or not, from another state to Maine in order to get s*x change drugs or s*x change surgery or an abortion and that would be legally protected health care.”

The draft bill lays out the definition of “gender-affirming health care services” as “ll supplies, care, and services of a medical, behavioral health, mental health, surgical, psychiatric, therapeutic, diagnostic, preventative, rehabilitative or supportive nature, including medication, relating to the treatment of gender dysphoria and gender incongruence in accordance with the accepted standard of care as defined by major medical professional organizations and agencies with expertise in the field of gender-affirming care including the Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People, Version 8, or subsequent version, published by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.”

Thankfully, many residents, politicians, and other key figures have been very vocal in their opposition of the bill.

Even while the Radical Left continues to try and push their agenda, true American patriots are fighting back.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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