Secret Biden report exposed and you won’t believe what he’s hiding

The current administration hides many things from the American people. But this new discovery is mind-blowing.

And a secret Biden report has been exposed, and you won’t believe what he is hiding.

New reports show that employees who work for unions that defend government workers against management receive more than $100 million annually from the federal government.

Taxpayers essentially foot the bill for both sides of the bargaining table.

The government has been monitoring and reporting those numbers for decades, but the reports have been erased by the Biden administration.

Hundreds of nominal government employees have been paid by the federal government for years despite not having done anything but full-time union labor under the “official time” policy.

The approach is costly for taxpayers, but it also strengthens the position of unions by providing resources and subsidies for their operations, even in cases when workers are not sufficiently supportive of the unions to pay dues.

These unions support laws that pit the interests of workers ahead of that of taxpayers, like opposing a return to in-person work, and they fight against the termination of workers who are suspected of wrongdoing.

Historically, including during the Obama administration, the Office of Personnel Management has monitored and released information about the program’s utilization.

However, since 2019, when the government paid for 2.6 million hours—nearly 300 years’ worth—of employee time that was really spent on union business, the data has not been updated.

The Biden administration has even concealed its own secrets from the public.

The Daily Wire questioned OPM in December about the disappearance of the report listing page and all previous reports (2019 is the only one that can be found through the search feature).

A spokesperson reported, “Previous reports on official time are not currently available because OPM is reorganizing our website to improve navigation and customer experience.”

However, they’re still missing months later.

OPM declined to respond to inquiries about whether it was still gathering statistics, why it hadn’t released reports for the years 2019 and earlier, and if The Daily Wire could still access the reports even though they weren’t stored online.

The factual information describing how taxpayer funds were spent was removed around July 2023, according to a Freedom Foundation report that cast doubt on OPM’s explanation.

In that same month, OPM added a page titled “Worker Empowerment,” which claimed that the administration supported “policies, practices, and programs that promote worker power, worker organizing, and collective bargaining.”

This is not the first time that Joe Biden has hidden reports from the American people.

He has also refused to give up certain DEI funding numbers and claimed that they were never reported.

The American people have no way of knowing what their taxpayer dollars are being used for because of this corruption.

We cannot sit by and let Joe Biden and the Radical Left steal our money and use it to push their absurd, harmful, and destructive policies and ideologies.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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