Biden was just saved from major embarrassment, but the damage is already been done

Joe Biden is an expert at making a fool of himself. And even when people try to save him, he can’t help but ruin it.

And Biden was just saved from major embarrassment, but the damage is already be done.

In a moment that encapsulated growing concerns over his cognitive fitness, President Joe Biden froze on live television during CNN’s presidential debate against former President Donald Trump on Thursday night. The incident occurred while Biden was discussing his administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Biden attempted to articulate his point, he stumbled over his words, saying, “…eligible for what I’ve been able to do with the, with the COVID,” followed by a confused, “Excuse me with, dealing with everything we have to do with, uh, look–, if we finally beat Medicare–” This incoherent moment underscored ongoing doubts about his mental acuity.

Recognizing the potential damage, CNN’s Jake Tapper intervened swiftly, interrupting Biden mid-sentence. “Thank you, President Biden,” Tapper said, attempting to shift the conversation away from Biden’s evident struggle.

Former President Donald Trump seized the opportunity to highlight what he perceives as Biden’s failures, particularly in managing social welfare programs.

“Well, he’s right,” Trump remarked. “He did beat Medicaid. He beat it to death and he’s destroying Medicare because all of these people are coming in. They’re putting them on Medicare, they’re putting them on Social Security. They’re gonna destroy Social Security. This man is going to singlehandedly destroy Social Security, these millions and millions of people coming in. They’re trying to put them on Social Security.”

Biden’s freeze is not an isolated incident but part of a pattern that has fueled speculation about his cognitive decline.

Critics argue that such moments are becoming increasingly frequent, raising serious questions about his capacity to effectively lead the nation.

This latest incident comes at a time when the President is under intense scrutiny, with many Americans expressing concern over his mental and physical fitness for office.

The way CNN handled the situation has also drawn criticism. Many conservatives view the network’s quick intervention as further evidence of media bias and protectionism towards Biden.

It appears that mainstream media outlets are willing to go to great lengths to shield Biden from embarrassment and scrutiny, even if it means interrupting live debates to cover for his gaffes.

This incident is reminiscent of past instances where the media has been accused of downplaying or ignoring Biden’s verbal missteps and cognitive lapses.

Critics argue that if a similar moment had occurred with a Republican candidate, the media would have amplified the narrative of unfitness for office rather than intervening to mitigate the damage.

The President’s cognitive struggles add another layer of complexity to his administration’s efforts to maintain public confidence.

Leaders are expected to communicate effectively and inspire trust; frequent public lapses undermine this expectation and provide fodder for opponents.

The upcoming election is crucial, with both sides vying to secure the trust and votes of the American people.

Biden’s recent debate performance may have significant implications for his re-election campaign. Voters are increasingly looking for strong, decisive leadership, particularly in the face of ongoing challenges such as the pandemic, economic instability, and international tensions.

As Biden continues to face questions about his cognitive health, it remains to be seen how his campaign will address these concerns. Will they continue to rely on media interventions to shield him, or will they adopt a more transparent approach to reassure the electorate?

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