Biden’s brain broke on camera and Democrats are panicking

Biden is known for making some outrageous and concerning gaffes. The Left typically tries to cover for him, but they can’t anymore.

Now Biden’s brain broke on camera and Democrats are panicking.

President Joe Biden recently claimed that he taught “political theory” at the University of Pennsylvania.

However, people were quick to see through the lie and many took to social media to call the president out on this.

Multiple fact checks prove that Biden never taught at the school and only served as an “honorary professor” at the school for two years.

Social media users have ripped into the President for these new details about his “pretend life.”

Our president is so incompetent that he makes up stories of a fantasy life that has never existed, just so he can feel good about himself.

Joe Biden said, “Democracy is at stake… I taught at the University of Pennsylvania for four years. And I used to teach political theory…”

What world is Joe Biden living in where he just makes up totally random and completely false stories to tell people?

What does this accomplish? What does lying to the American people during almost every single speech accomplish?

The Democrats need to admit one of two things: Joe Biden is too old and incompetent and mentally unfit to serve, or he lies to the American people on purpose and is trying to lead us astray.

There really is no other option, but the Radical Left refuses to admit or even acknowledge Biden’s incompetencies.

One X (formerly twitter) user stated that “Biden’s pretend life sounds very fun and interesting.”

Another user exposed the left for their extreme hypocrisy saying, “Everyone screamed about George Santos, but when Biden does it, it’s apparently fine.”

Joe Biden never taught a single class at UPenn, and the left refuses to fact-check him on the topic, instead letting him continue lying to the American people.

The leader of America is a bumbling, lying, fool who has to make up a fantasy world in order for his brain to even work at 5% capacity.

Unfortunately, the Radical Left is taking over America and doing everything they can to keep Biden in power.

Biden has record-low approval ratings, and his VP is the worst in American history… possibly even world history.

The left has propped up a brain-dead dummy who they can feed lines to while they sit back and watch America be destroyed.

Americans deserve a leader who will make America great as it once was, not one who will burn the country to the ground while lying to its citizens.

It is time for Joe Biden to be removed from office, and for a leader who will undo all of his terrible policies be put into place.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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