Biden’s DOJ arrested this reporter for one ridiculous reason

The current administration has been way overstepping its power and weaponizing the DOJ. They’ve targeted political rivals, and now they’re going after the free press.

And now Biden’s DOJ arrested this reporter for one ridiculous reason.

An independent journalist has been charged for reporting on the events of January 6, 2021, and now a jury in DC has found him guilty.

The journalist, Stephen Horn, was found guilty of “entering or remaining in a restricted area, disorderly or disruptive conduct in a restricted area, disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, and parading, demonstrating, or picketing in the Capitol building.”

The entire case is an absolute sham, but that won’t stop the left from prosecuting and going after people whom they disagree with and locking up any rivals.

This guilty verdict comes just shortly after the White House told news and media outlets to investigate Republicans for the impeachment inquiry that they claim there is “no evidence” for.

The way Joe Biden, the White House, and the entire left have been censoring the media and forcing only reports on what they want is frankly quite frightening.

Stephen Horn said, “I told the same truth to the jury that I posted along with my video on January 7th: ‘I did not enter the capitol building as part of the protest or for cheap thrills, but to accurately document and record a significant event which was taking place.”

In the original post on January 7th, 2021, Stephen Horn also wrote that “the people inside the capitol were not, by and large, Antifa”, “this was not a peaceful protest,” and also mentioned that he was “surprised at the lack of property destruction.”

What do journalists have left if not any protection from this sort of absurd weaponization?

If they cannot expect to be protected under the Constitution, then what hope can they have?

The Radical Left is turning the news and media outlets into propaganda machines similar to those in communist countries.

They have no care for an individual’s rights and instead care solely about controlling the narrative and brainwashing the American people.

Political commentator Tim Pool posted to X, “Wow. A guy who made a documentary and was covering the J6 riot was sentenced as a rioter.”

If not for journalists like Stephen Horn, the American people would have no idea what was truly going on in America.

In a day of CNN and so many other Radical Left media outlets, the TRUTH is hard to come by.

And Joe Biden is trying to make it even harder to find.

Americans, journalists, and politicians alike should be pushing back fiercely against the weaponization of the justice system to suppress the true narrative.

Prudent Politics remains committed to bringing the TRUTH to the American people even in a time where the President is charging journalists.

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