Biden’s latest health scare has Democrat voters worried about the future

Joe Biden is in poor health and everyone knows it. Even though the Radical Left tries to cover up the truth, all of America and the world know what’s really going on.

And now, Biden’s latest health scare has Democrat voters worried about the future.

During a speech on Tuesday regarding Biden’s plans on addressing climate change, Joe Biden suffered a severe coughing fit that left him unable to speak for around ten seconds.

The incident has left many voters, especially Democrats, worried about the future for Joe Biden and how his continuous health problems could affect his run for president.

The incident went something like this, “The CHIPS and Science Act I signed last year … excuse me…I signed last year, excuse me … I signed last year positions us to lead in semiconductor manufacturing and innovation, which is critical to clean energy development and deployment.”

While many people cannot tell the difference between this and how Biden normally speaks, it is clear that his health is continually and rapidly declining.

Conservative figures have been warning of this since before Biden even took office, but over the past three years, Biden’s health has gone downhill and he seems as mentally and physically unfit as ever.

The question has been raised many times by Conservatives and now even liberals find themselves asking, “Is Joe Biden fit to serve as President?”

The answer is obviously “no” but unfortunately, many Democrat voters would rather have a Dementia-ridden incompetent President who destroys our economy, than a strong leader who is sometimes “mean” on Twitter.

A new Wall Street Journal poll has found that even two-thirds of Democrat voters believe Joe Biden is too old to be President.

Rasmussen Reports state that 72% of voters believe that Joe Biden’s age will be a “serious problem” concerning his chances at re-election.

Recently Biden has had an increase in tripping, falling, losing his train of thought, rambling, making no incoherent sentences, and now recent coughing fits and other issues.

One Democrat strategist, David Axelrod, who is a former advisor to Barack Obama stated that Biden’s “age issue” is hanging over him, and he begged Biden to reconsider if becoming the Democratic nominee is “wise.”

Axelrod said, “The status quo, the way they were approaching the campaign, this sort of ‘What me, worry?’ attitude about the campaign was not going to get him to where he needs to go.”

He also asked Biden to “get out or get going” regarding his campaign efforts.

Democrat voters and leaders alike have started to realize that Joe Biden’s health is extremely poor and that he is not the best option for the Democratic nomination.

The American people understand that the position of President of the United States is an extremely important one that requires mental fitness which Joe Biden does not have.

The president of the strongest country in the world should not be an incompetent and bumbling fool who cannot stand up or form proper sentences.

Democrats are worried because they know Donald Trump is leading strongly in the polls, and they are becoming more and more convinced that Biden is not the best option for them.

The American people need to wake up and vote for a strong leader who will be able to take care of the country.

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