Democrats turn on Biden after he made one shocking statement

It is no secret that Biden is deeply unpopular among Conservatives. But now, it appears his own supporters are changing their minds.

And now Democrats are turning on Biden after he made one shocking statement.

Joe Biden is one of the most incompetent leaders our nation has ever seen, and he is so out of touch with reality that many people wonder how he ever got elected.

Democrats have remained behind Biden throughout this entire process, and many of his close supporters have seen his descent into madness and the decline of his brain firsthand.

Yet, through it all, Democrats and Radical Liberals seem to think that Joe Biden is the savior of the world.

But now, people are finally realizing what he truly is and they are turning on him because they have finally had enough.

Joe Biden proved how absolutely out of touch with reality he truly is when he made these statements about the economy.

Biden took to X to say, “I don’t look at the economy through the eyes of Wall Street and Park Avenue. I look at it through the eyes of the people I grew up with in Scranton, Pennsylvania or Claymont, Delaware.”

Democrats have been begging Biden to stay away from his “Bidenomics” talking point because the entire world knows the truth about the US economy right and who exactly is to blame.

Many users took to X to express their outrage at Joe Biden’s comments about the economy and ask him what he even meant when he said he viewed the economy through the eyes of Scranton.

“And what did the fine folks in Scranton tell you? Are they more bullish on the economy than Wall Street or less? Seriously what are we saying here? What does this mean?” said one user.

One podcaster expressed, “He looks at the economy through the eyes of a Socialist with dementia.”

A former congressional candidate wrote, “Well then you should go ahead and admit your economy sucks. Because the average American, my fellow non-elite American, is struggling under your failed policies. Your record number of EOs you bragged about signing caused this.”

The outrage continued with people on both sides of the political aisle expressing their frustration and outrage with Biden and his failed economy.

A recent survey has shown that 62% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy and only 37% approve.

Other polls show that Donald Trump has a 23-24 point lead over Biden among voters on the topic of inflation and the handling of the economy.

Democrats have turned on Biden, especially regarding his handling of the economy, but he is so unable to see the reality that he continues to push issues he is losing in the polls.

Democrat leaders have said “Your economy sucks” and others have demanded that the current administration address the problems the American people are facing.

But instead, Biden continues to show his hatred for America and her people and continues pushing his radical agendas that harm us all.

The American people know the truth and we know that Democrat leadership is not the answer.

It is time for us to take the power back and vote for leaders who will restore America to its former glory.

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