The GOP presidential race was just thrown into chaos for one surprising reason

The GOP presidential primaries are nine weeks away from their first votes. But, these new developments could lead to an interesting change.

And now, the GOP presidential race was just thrown into chaos for one surprising reason.

The field continues to narrow for the GOP presidential candidates pursuing the nomination, but the overall story remains largely unchanged.

Donald Trump is the dominant frontrunner among GOP candidates, and he is also projected to win in a hypothetical matchup between him and Biden.

Senator Tim Scott is the most recent dropout in the race for the nomination, and leaving could change things up for the remaining candidates.

Fox News reports that “Trump retains dominating double-digit leads over his nomination rivals in the latest surveys in the early voting states, and holds even larger massive advantages in national polls.”

The question remaining is, who will be the second candidate that might challenge Trump for the GOP nomination?

A veteran Republican consultant Dave Carney answers the question ‘what has changed’ and says, “Nothing’s changed. Trump’s still ahead. And right now he’s on the trajectory to win.”

He continued, “It’s not like Scott getting out of the race is going to reshuffle the deck completely. His support isn’t going to change the dynamics that much.”

However, he did say that this will be positive news for Nikki Haley and said, “There’s no way to spin this other than its good news for Nikki Haley. We’ll see if she can take advantage of that.”

Another Republican strategist, David Kochel, has said that the changes and narrowing of the field “is a good thing for the two people who still have a shot at becoming the Trump alternative.”

He claims that “Trump is already in the finals” but that these movements might change things for Haley and DeSantis if they can capitalize on these developments.

Kochel emphasized that Haley and DeSantis are “trying to construct some plausible path to get a one-on-one shot with Trump that everybody agrees is essential to any notion that he can be derailed from getting the nomination.”

DeSantis is the more recognizable, and many people assume he will take second place, however, Haley has seen a rise in support recently and even is tied with DeSantis in polls in Iowa and leads him in New Hampshire.

Haley has had a dominant performance in the GOP debates and many experts believe that is a major reason why she has seen a rise in the polls.

Haley’s campaign has announced that they will reserve $10 million for radio, tv, and digital ads in Iowa and New Hampshire to prepare for the primaries.

Nikkie Haley has said, “We have plenty of money that we’re going to be on TV with. We’re going to be strong in New Hampshire. We’re going to be strong in South Carolina because we spent our money well. We’ve got great ground games in every one of those states. And we’re going to keep surging.”

Kochel declared, “I think Iowa’s going to be more determinative than ever as to who’s going to have momentum going into New Hampshire and South Carolina.”

He also predicted a “fierce” contest between Haley and DeSantis in the coming weeks ahead of the primaries.

Regardless, at this point, Donald Trump still has a commanding lead in the polls, and most people are projecting him to receive the nomination and go on to win the election.

The American people are watching these developments closely because we have all had enough of Joe Biden’s failed policies, and we are eager to elect a leader who will put the needs of America first.

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