Gavin Newsom bent the knee to this foreign enemy and now all hell is breaking loose

California is a dumpster fire. And it’s only getting worse with every passing day.

But now Gavin Newsom bent the knee to this foreign enemy and now all hell is breaking loose.

Citizens of cities like Denver, LA, Portland, San Francisco, etc (quite frankly the list could go on) have been begging their elected officials for help to clean up the streets and make their once amazing cities beautiful and safe again.

However, these Radical leaders just want to destroy their cities to achieve their radical agendas and plans.

But now, some Democrat leaders have decided to clean up their city but the reason why is absurd.

The city of San Francisco has been in complete disarray for years now, and the Democrat leadership in the city has allowed the city to fall into complete ruin.

But recently, the leaders of the city decided to remove homeless camps and clean up the city’s disgusting streets.

Why now? Well, Instead of listening to the complaints of their residents or deciding to make life better for the people of San Francisco, it has taken a dictator to clean the streets.

After Gavin Newsom’s recent visit to China, the Chinese “leader” Xi Jinping is paying a visit to San Francisco for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

What makes matters worse is that Gavin Newsom admitted that the only reason Democrat leaders cleaned up the city was because of the “fancy leaders coming into town.”

This recent cleanup has proven that the leaders of San Franciso have had the funding and the means to be able to clean up the city, but they have simply refused to.

Democrat voters have watched the once beautiful city of San Francisco be absolutely and completely disregarded by their elected officials, yet Democrat leaders continue to be voted into power.

Residents of San Francisco have stood by and watched as failed policy after failed policy is touted as some sort of great success for the city.

But we know the truth; the American people know that the Democrat leadership hates America, and they have the American citizens.

When the governor of a state admits that he has neglected his people and admits that he will continue to do so, that person is not fit to lead.

Governor Newsom has led the city of California even further into the depths, and he will continue to do so as long as he holds public office.

The American people need to realize that we have the power to change the outcome, and we can vote for leaders who will prioritize their people instead of foreign dictators.

As long as Radical Liberal leaders are voted into office, America will continue to suffer.

It is time for the American people to stand up against the oppressive regime of the Radical Left and take back the country into our own hands.

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