Biden’s recent foreign policy failure leads to shocking Congressional admission

Joe Biden might have the worst foreign policy disasters in modern history. But recent events have left people shocked.

And Biden’s recent foreign policy failures have led to a shocking Congressional admittance.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) fiercely criticized Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, targeting the Biden administration’s foreign policy approach, which he described as catastrophic.

“You have presided over the worst foreign policy disaster of modern times,” Cruz stated at the beginning of his confrontation with Blinken.

“When Joe Biden became president, he inherited peace and prosperity in the world. We now have two simultaneous wars waging—the worst war in Europe since World War II and the worst war in the Middle East in 50 years. Both, I believe, were caused by this administration’s consistent weakness.”

Cruz continued to lambast the administration, arguing that its foreign policy strategy was “precisely backwards from what a rational American foreign policy should be.”

He accused the Biden administration of attacking and weakening U.S. allies while simultaneously emboldening and strengthening U.S. adversaries.

Cruz took Blinken to task over a report from The Washington Post, which indicated that the Biden administration was “working urgently to stave off a full-scale Israeli invasion of Rafah” by offering Israel valuable assistance, including sensitive intelligence to help the Israeli military pinpoint Hamas leaders and locate the group’s hidden tunnels.

Blinken denied the accuracy of the report, asserting that the administration has not withheld such critical information from Israel.

However, Cruz was unrelenting.

“[Israel is] quite aware you disagree with their plan to k*ll the Hamas terrorists because you and the president have vocally said it,” Cruz retorted. “To be clear, your State Department, on the morning of October 7th, sent out a tweet telling Israel not to engage in military retaliation. I called you out at three in the morning, and you deleted that tweet. The next day, you personally, on October 8, sent a tweet saying you’d spoken with the Turkish foreign minister and Israel should not retaliate. From the very beginning, the Biden administration has consistently at every stage told Israel—and by the way, when I called your tweet out, you deleted it again—at every stage, you have been telling Israel, ‘do not k*ll the terrorists.’ And that has been from day one.”

Cruz didn’t stop at Israel; he also grilled Blinken on the administration’s approach to Iran.

He accused the administration of withholding weapons from Israel and relaxing sanctions enforcement against Iran, actions he claimed have enabled the Iranian regime to generate tens of billions of dollars in oil revenue.

“The relaxation of sanctions has provided a financial lifeline to Iran, a nation that continues to chant ‘Death to America’ and supports terrorism across the globe,” Cruz argued. “This administration’s policies are empowering our enemies and endangering our allies.”

Cruz’s broadside against Blinken and the Biden administration touched on other areas as well.

He highlighted the chaos in Afghanistan following the U.S. withdrawal, which many have viewed as a failure of leadership and planning.

The senator argued that the withdrawal not only led to the rapid resurgence of the Taliban but also emboldened other adversaries around the world, showcasing American weakness.

“The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has had ripple effects worldwide,” Cruz said. “It signaled to our enemies that the United States is no longer the resolute leader of the free world. This perception has undoubtedly contributed to the current crises we see unfolding in Europe and the Middle East.”

Cruz emphasized that the Biden administration’s foreign policy failures have severe implications for U.S. national security.

By weakening relationships with key allies and emboldening adversaries, he argued, the administration is undermining the safety and stability that previous administrations worked hard to maintain.

“National security is about strength and resolve,” Cruz concluded. “This administration has shown neither. Instead of standing firm against threats, it has repeatedly capitulated, putting American lives and our national security at risk.”

Cruz’s pointed criticism of Blinken and the Biden administration reflects broader concerns that the current leadership is failing to protect U.S. interests abroad.

As global crises continue to unfold, the pressure on the Biden administration to reassess and recalibrate its foreign policy strategy is only likely to intensify.

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