Democrat city suffers devastating loss at the hands of American patriots

The Left has been seemingly attempting to destroy America for many years. But now America has shown them that it won’t be so easy.

And a Democrat city has suffered a devastating loss at the hands of American patriots.

In a resounding statement against soft-on-crime policies, voters in Multnomah County, Oregon, in the Portland area, decisively ousted incumbent District Attorney Mike Schmidt in Tuesday’s election.

Schmidt, who was backed by controversial billionaire George Soros, lost in a landslide to longtime prosecutor Nathan Vasquez.

Fox 12 called the race at approximately 9:30 pm local time, showing Vasquez leading with 58 percent of the vote compared to Schmidt’s 42 percent.

In Oregon’s non-partisan primary system, a candidate who secures over 50 percent of the vote is declared the winner of the election but will not take office until January 2025.

Nathan Vasquez, a veteran prosecutor with 24 years of experience in the District Attorney’s office, emerged victorious by tapping into the frustrations of Portland residents who have grown increasingly disillusioned with Schmidt’s tenure.

Vasquez began his career at the District Attorney’s office immediately after law school and worked his way up to a supervisory position, earning a reputation as a dedicated and effective prosecutor.

Vasquez’s campaign resonated with voters by focusing on Schmidt’s Radical policies, which many blame for the rampant homelessness and drug problems plaguing downtown Portland.

Under Schmidt’s leadership, crime rates have surged, and public safety has deteriorated, prompting widespread calls for change.

Since taking office in 2020, Schmidt has faced mounting criticism for his approach to law enforcement.

Adding to Schmidt’s woes was a damning report from the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries, which found substantial evidence supporting former prosecutor Amber Kinney’s claims of a toxic work environment.

Kinney, who resigned in 2022, accused Schmidt of fostering a culture of fear, intimidation, and retaliation, and of hindering the advancement of women in the office.

Further allegations surfaced from a senior prosecutor who accused Schmidt of making promotion and clemency decisions based on political loyalties rather than established policies.

These revelations painted a troubling picture of Schmidt’s administration, further eroding public trust.

Despite a last-minute influx of campaign funds from groups linked to far-left mega-donor George Soros, Schmidt’s campaign could not overcome the extensive baggage and public dissatisfaction.

Soros has been known for supporting progressive radical district attorneys across the country, many of whom have faced backlash for their policies.

The election results aligned with recent polling that indicated Vasquez was on track for a significant victory.

Schmidt’s defeat is the latest in a series of setbacks for progressive district attorneys nationwide.

In San Francisco, voters recalled activist DA Chesa Boudin two years ago, frustrated by his social justice reforms that coincided with a spike in crime.

Similarly, in Chicago, Kim Foxx chose not to seek re-election after facing criticism for her handling of criminal cases.

The pattern suggests a growing public rejection of policies perceived as prioritizing ideological agendas over public safety.

Voters in cities across the United States are increasingly demanding accountability and a return to effective law enforcement.

The defeat of Mike Schmidt underscores the importance of balancing progressive reforms with the need to maintain law and order. As cities across America grapple with rising crime rates, the message from Portland is clear: voters are ready for change.

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