Biden’s staff is reeling after Joe made one critical mistake

It’s not easy helping to run the White House. Joe Biden being president makes it ten times worse.

And now Biden’s staff is reeling after Joe made one critical mistake.

After attending the G20 summit, Joe Biden had a press conference in Vietnam that has turned into a nightmare for the left.

In true Biden fashion, the press conference consisted of nothing but rambling and hard-to-understand poor attempts at humor.

And to wrap things up, the President let the world know it was past his bedtime and he needed to “go to bed.”

Not only did Joe Biden not make much sense (as usual), but it was clear that the Democrat leaders didn’t want Biden to talk much.

After very few questions and answers, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre abruptly announced that the press conference was over and pushed Biden off stage.

The left is trying to control a senile man and force him to say what they want and push him away when he goes off script.

Joe Biden also made a number of extremely questionable statements regarding China.

Even as Joe Biden faces extensive criticism over “selling out the U.S.” he said that he wants to see China and the communist government succeed financially.

Biden’s pro-China comments come even as his son is being investigated into receiving millions in funding from CCP-backed business people.

Joe Biden stated that “It’s not about isolating China. It’s about making sure the rules of the road (everything from airspace and space in the ocean and the international rules of the road) are abided by.”

Then, he took things further and claimed that his intention was not to “contain” Communist China, even though it has shown aggression towards the U.S.

Finally, Joe Biden decided to wrap things up by telling the public it was bedtime.

“But I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed,” Biden told reporters.

What an odd thing for the President of the strongest country in the world to say during a foreign press conference.

It was a disaster for America, as Joe Biden once again continued to make a fool of himself.

He preached his anti-America and pro-China rhetoric, fumbled over his own words, made himself look like a fool, and then declared he was going to bed.

That is not the kind of leader America deserves and it is certainly not the kind of leader America needs.

It is time for America to once again have a strong leader who will take the country back into greatness and prosperity.

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