New memo exposes Democrat scheme with massive consequences for Biden

The Democrats have made it a habit of interfering with anything that they disagree with. And many times, they take it too far and break laws.

Now a new memo exposed a Democrat scheme with massive consequences for Biden.

As the House returns from their August recess, many expect a formal announcement by Speaker McCarthy that the House will vote on opening an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

However, the left is doing everything they can to oppose the inquiry.

House Oversight Committee member Jamie Raskin has started circulating a memo outlining how he plans to combat the inquiry.

The left is continuously trying to interfere with legal proceedings and elections.

Raskin claims that the information gathered by Republicans shows no wrongdoings on the part of Joe Biden.

Rep. Raskin also claims that James Comer (the Oversight Committee Chairman) “has resorted to misrepresenting and distorting this huge body of evidence to make baseless and sensationalistic claims.”

It seems interesting that the same Democrats who so adamantly pursued the impeachment of Donald Trump, no longer want to follow the rules.

This is a prime example of the left not being able to taste its own medicine.

As soon as their policies/actions are used against them the way they use them, the left immediately resorts to screaming and throwing a fit.

It is even stranger that Raskin thinks he can claim that there is no evidence.

That is one thing that everyone should be able to agree on no matter a person’s beliefs.

The evidence uncovered against Joe Biden is so extensive and so much, that most people are actually shocked it has taken this long even to launch an inquiry.

Joe Biden lied to the public countless times and claimed complete ignorance regarding Hunter and his dealings.

However, the proof shows the exact opposite.

Yet Raskin claims the only reasons Republicans are investigating the Biden family is to take away from Trump’s own legal troubles.

Although Raskin is trying to paint a certain picture, recent polls show that voters are supportive of an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

According to polls from CNN, over 61% of Americans believe that Joe Biden had at least some involvement with Hunter Biden’s dealings and 42% think he acted illegally.

It is time that we have leaders and politicians who will stand up for the truth and for justice instead of lying and deceiving the American people.

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