Democrat Senators turn on Biden with one shocking move

Unity is important in politics. Especially as the 2024 election is coming up.

But Democrat Senators are turning on Biden with one shocking move.

Donald Trump has such a strong lead in the polls that it is clear he will take the Republican nomination, and it seems he will take the entire election as well.

If Democrats want to have any hope of stopping him from entering office again, then they must be one solid unified front.

However, that is extremely hard to do when the president is none other than Joe Biden.

The only thing currently helping Joe Biden in the polls, is the left’s hatred of Donald Trump.

Yet, the left is becoming increasingly concerned that a third-party candidate might run and take votes away from Joe Biden.

The only solution they have now is to all rally behind Joe Biden.

But now Democrat Senators are becoming more and more frustrated with Joe Biden, and they have now started voicing their own concerns.

Many Senate Democrats say they are “frustrated” and “concerned” with Joe Biden and especially with how he is trying to campaign.

One Senator (who requested anonymity) said that pushing Bidenomics has been extremely frustrating and that it continues to fail.

The senator said, “There’s just no enthusiasm. It does pretty much come down to ‘Well, he’s done a pretty good job, but he’s just too old.’”

Senator Richard Blumenthal said that “There’s work to be done, stronger messaging, more aggressive campaigning…”

However, one Democrat strategist has tried to blame the American people for Biden’s failed campaigning.

Steve Jarding, the strategist, has said that the campaigning is failing “because Americans are just not paying attention.”

Instead of realizing that Joe Biden is an incompetent fool, the left is trying to blame voters for not paying attention?!

I think we are paying attention… we are paying attention to the rising prices across the nation and the high cost of living and making a decision: Bidenomics is not working, and we are sick of it.

Democrats are fighting with each other because they know that 2024 is a crucial year for elections, yet they cannot present a unified front and have no hope of keeping office in their current state.

The American people are demanding a change, and Joe Biden’s “America Last” strategy is the last thing any American wants.

We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for updates and developments.

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