Bombshell report has Joe Biden shaking in terror

Joe Biden is the weakest president America has ever had. And he has plenty of reasons to be worried.

But now this bombshell report has Joe Biden shaking in terror.

The newest Washington Post/ABC News poll came out on Sunday, and the picture it painted was a very bleak one for Joe Biden and his entire administration.

Joe Biden’s campaign manager seems to be extremely worried regarding the recent polls as it shows a potential matchup between Trump and Biden, which seems increasingly more likely.

Even with all of the Radical Left’s attempts to lock up Trump and stop him from running again, he seems to be the public’s top choice.

Regardless of political affiliation, American voters are sick of Joe Biden and his destructive policies.

Most Americans feel strongly that Joe Biden is destroying the economy and the livelihoods of average everyday citizens.

And now the polls are showing the truth: Americans have had enough of Joe Biden, and they are not likely to vote him into the White House again.

In a recent interview, Joe Biden’s campaign manager admitted that he is “concerned” about Biden’s low approval ratings and the fact that he is trailing former President Donald Trump in early polls.

Richmond’s concerns are well-founded. Biden’s approval ratings have been underwater for months, and he is facing a number of headwinds, including high inflation, a border crisis, and a war in Ukraine.

Trump, on the other hand, is very popular among Republicans and has a proven track record of strong policies and a strong economy.

Richmond’s comments are a sign that the Biden campaign is starting to panic. They know that Biden is in a very vulnerable position, and they are trying to figure out how to turn things around.

However, it is not clear what the Biden campaign can do to improve the president’s chances of reelection.

Joe Biden has had plenty of opportunity and time to fix any number of issues regarding inflation, the economy, the border crisis, etc., yet he has refused to do anything and is now facing the consequences.

If Biden’s approval ratings remain low and Trump runs for president again, it is likely that Biden will lose the 2024 election.

Biden is facing a number of challenges that are going to be very difficult for him to overcome which is one of the reasons his chances seem so poor.

He is deeply unpopular with the American people, and he is facing a strong economy.

If Joe Biden doesn’t improve his approval ratings soon, he is going to be in a lot of trouble in 2024.

America has a strong candidate in Trump, and they are facing a weak opponent in Biden.

If Trump can keep the focus on the issues that are important to the American people, he has a good chance of winning the election.

And many Americans are willing to accept a mean tweet here and there while being able to afford groceries, and gas, and not have their city flooded with illegal aliens.

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