California Democrats made a major push to arm illegals while disarming legal citizens

The policies of the Left keep getting more and more absurd. And people are realizing how Radical and ridiculous things are.

And now, California Democrats made a major push to arm illegals while disarming legal citizens.

In a move sure to ignite national debate, the Los Angeles Police Department has petitioned the federal government to allow it to arm police officers who are Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.

This unprecedented request throws open the door to a controversial question: should individuals with uncertain legal status be entrusted with the immense power and responsibility of police officers?

California ignited the fire in 2022 with a law authorizing DACA recipients to serve as police officers.

However, federal law remains a formidable obstacle.

Non-citizens, including DACA recipients, are legally prohibited from owning firearms.

The LAPD’s first class of DACA officers graduates in 2024, creating a looming pressure point.

To overcome this legal hurdle, the LAPD Board of Police Commissioners has drafted a policy that would allow DACA officers to carry firearms while on duty.

The department is now lobbying the federal government for special permission to bypass the existing firearm restrictions.

Proponents of the policy argue that DACA recipients represent a valuable potential pool of qualified candidates to address the LAPD’s chronic staffing shortages.

They point to the rigorous background checks and training these individuals undergo, and highlight their deep ties to the communities they would serve.

Some emphasize DACA recipients’ demonstrated patriotism and desire to contribute to American society.

Critics remain staunchly opposed.

Legal experts question the policy’s legal viability, fearing future legal challenges and potential liability issues for the LAPD.

Concerns abound about granting police powers to individuals who are not U.S. citizens, with some viewing it as a breach of national security and an erosion of the principle of “citizen-policing.”

Ethical questions swirl around potential conflicts of interest and allegiances, particularly in instances where DACA officers might encounter undocumented individuals.

The federal government’s decision on the LAPD’s request will have far-reaching consequences.

If approved, it could set a precedent for other states and agencies seeking to give illegal citizens guns and the power to take guns away from legal citizens with Constitutional rights.

Conversely, a rejection could fuel calls for stricter border enforcement and limit opportunities for DACA recipients in law enforcement and beyond.

As this debate unfolds, it’s crucial to explore alternatives that address both the LAPD’s staffing needs and national security concerns.

Expanded recruitment efforts to attract more U.S. citizens to law enforcement careers remain a viable option.

Additionally, strengthening community policing initiatives could help build trust and partnerships with diverse communities, enhancing public safety without the additional complexities of arming illegal immigrants.

Ultimately, finding a solution that prioritizes both public safety and the rule of law will be paramount in navigating this volatile issue.

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