Chilling report uncovers details of the CCP’s hidden plot to end America

China is a terrifying global superpower that our current administration is enabling. But now, the truth is even scarier.

But now, a new chilling government report has detailed the CCP’s plot to end America.

A dark cloud hangs low over our nation’s breadbasket, casting a sinister shadow on the very lifeblood of America – our fertile farmland.

A damning government investigation has exposed a gaping wound in the heart of our nation’s security:

The Biden administration’s abysmal failure to track foreign ownership of U.S. soil.

This revelation comes wrapped in the chilling realization that the second-largest foreign landowner is none other than a card-carrying member of the Chinese Communist Party, a chilling echo of communist infiltration straight out of our grandfathers’ nightmares.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigation paints a picture of bureaucratic bungling that would make a Soviet five-year plan blush.

The Department of Agriculture (USDA), entrusted with guarding our land under the quaintly-named Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act (AFIDA), has fumbled the ball with the dexterity of a blindfolded toddler juggling chainsaws.

Their “information-tracking system” resembles a leaky sieve more than a national security safeguard, swallowing data on foreign land grabs like a python gorging on a farm-fresh rabbit.

This ignorance leaves us in the dark about who owns what, where, and most importantly, why. It’s a national security blind spot so vast, the CCP probably needs a bigger map to plot their next land grab.

The GAO report reads like a dystopian novel:

The USDA’s bungled data collection makes it impossible to tell Congress or the public “where and how much U.S. agricultural land is held by foreign persons.”

Foreign land grabs have reached a staggering “approximately 40 million acres in 2021,” a figure shrouded in uncertainty due to the USDA’s incompetence.

That’s like losing your keys in a cornfield after dark – good luck finding them, and good luck protecting our nation.

These purchases pose “potential national security risks,” including the chilling possibility of foreign ownership near sensitive military installations.

Imagine the CCP peering over the fence at Camp David, taking notes on our barbecue recipes while plotting our downfall.

Not the picture of American security we’re used to.

As if ripped from a John le Carré novel, we learn of billionaire Tianqiao Chen, a CCP member and founder of Shanda Group, who quietly siphoned away nearly 200,000 acres of Oregon prime real estate in 2015.

This land grab, masked by the shadowy “Whitefish Cascade Forest Resources LLC,” remained hidden for nearly a decade – a testament to the USDA’s Swiss-cheese oversight.

It’s enough to make you wonder what else they’re hiding besides Chinese billionaires and potential security threats.

Senator Ted Cruz calls it “treasonous incompetence,” accusing the administration of “handing over our food security and national security to our adversaries on a silver platter.”

Representative Lauren Boebert said, “This is like selling the Alamo, but instead of Davy Crockett, we’ve got Sleepy Joe napping in the sun while the CCP steals our crops!”

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene demands a full congressional investigation, asking, “Is Secretary Vilsack a Manchurian Candidate, or just hopelessly incompetent?”

The stakes are as high as a Kansas wheat field in July.

We cannot afford to let the Biden administration fumble this matter any longer. We must demand immediate action, a complete overhaul of the USDA’s oversight system, and the implementation of ironclad safeguards to ensure that our precious farmland remains in the hands of American farmers, not foreign governments or shadowy operatives.

This is not a partisan issue; it’s a matter of national security that concerns every red-blooded American.

We must stand united, raise awareness about this hidden threat, and pressure the administration to finally take decisive action.

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