Latest immigration order measure opens up the US to attacks from within

The Radical Left has opened the United States up to all sorts of terrifying attacks. But now, these attacks are coming from within.

And new immigration measures are opening up the US to attacks from within.

Chaos reigns supreme at America’s airports, where the once sacrosanct shield of national security has been brazenly cast aside in favor of appeasing illegal immigration advocates and their political allies.

This week, a bombshell revelation sent shockwaves through the nation:

The Transportation Security Administration, in a grotesque mockery of its very name, has begun allowing illegal immigrants to waltz through security checkpoints without any form of identification, while law-abiding American citizens are forced to brandish their REAL IDs like medieval peasants showcasing their loyalty to a crumbling sovereign.

The outrage began with a tweet from conservative firebrand Dave Rubin, who shared a photograph of a TSA notice announcing a partnership with Customs and Border Protection for a pilot program dubbed “CBP One.”

This Orwellian initiative, far from streamlining travel, grants carte blanche to illegal immigrants, allowing them to bypass the very security measures implemented after 9/11 to protect our nation from those who would do us harm.

As if to underscore the sheer absurdity of this policy, the notice specifies that taking a picture during the “verification” process is entirely optional for the immigrant.

Can you imagine the gall of those in charge, suggesting that a grainy, easily manipulated selfie constitutes sufficient proof of identity for someone who has likely entered our country illegally?

And let’s not forget the TSA’s assurances that they “will not store the person’s information.”

Forgive our skepticism, Mr. and Ms. Bureaucrat, but when it comes to the vetting of potential threats to our national security, promises made on flimsy government parchment ring hollower than a politician’s campaign slogan.

Retired CBP Chief Patrol Agent Chris Clem, a man who has stared into the abyss of illegal immigration for decades, summed up the national mood with righteous indignation.

“I’m an American citizen,” he thundered, “and I’m quite offended that these migrants that have come in here are getting preferential treatment and being prioritized in so many ways.”

Indeed, while American families struggle with inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and a general sense of societal unraveling, the Biden administration rolls out the red carpet for those who have broken our laws and infiltrated our borders.

But the offense goes far beyond bruised egos.

Clem rightly raises the specter of national security.

How can we, with a straight face, claim to be protecting our citizens when we allow individuals whose identities are shrouded in a fog of mystery and potential malice to roam freely through our airports?

What guarantee do we have that these are not hardened criminals, terrorists, or agents of foreign powers masquerading as refugees seeking asylum?

Remember, these are the same individuals who, upon reaching the border, often ditch their national IDs like unwanted baggage, opting instead to weave tales of woe and hardship to game our asylum system.

And now, thanks to the CBP One program, their meticulously crafted narratives will serve as their passports to the American interior, granting them access to every corner of our nation, free to vanish into the shadows and potentially wreak havoc.

This is not merely incompetence, it’s borderline treason.

The Biden administration, in its insatiable quest to appease its progressive base and dismantle the foundations of American sovereignty, has turned our airports into de facto welcome mats for illegal immigrants, leaving our citizens vulnerable and our nation’s security hanging by a thread.

We, the American people, must rise up against this tyranny.

We must demand accountability from our elected officials, expose the insidious agenda behind this reckless policy, and reclaim our airports, our borders, and our nation from the clutches of those who would sacrifice our safety on the altar of political correctness.

The time for silence is over: America will not become a sanctuary city for the world.

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