Clarence Thomas shot a warning to Democrats that left them shaking in fear

A landmark case is on its way to the Supreme Court. Democrats aren’t going to like how this one ends.

And Clarence Thomas shot a warning to Democrats that left them shaking in fear.

The Supreme Court gave a startling judgment in NYSRP v. Breun last year, overturning restrictions that made it nearly impossible for New Yorkers to obtain a concealed carry permit.

The ruling, however, went far beyond concealed carry permits.

According to the Supreme Court, any gun regulation must be consistent with American history and tradition of upholding Second Amendment rights.

This verdict effectively put a stop to the gun-grab agenda.

In response, the Concealed Carry Improvement Act was passed by New York lawmakers.

Gun grabbers reasoned that while they couldn’t stop New Yorkers from obtaining concealed carry permits, they could severely limit where residents might carry.

The rule made it illegal to carry concealed guns in subway stations, churches, Times Square, and other public places.

A District Court judge overturned the majority of the statute in November.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals, however, allowed the Act to go into force while the case was being addressed.

Second Amendment supporters filed a lawsuit in response.

While the Supreme Court declined to hear the case immediately away, allowing the statute to go into effect while the challenges were being heard, Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito wrote a two-paragraph supplement stating that the defendants were likely to prevail on the merits.

“The New York law at issue in this application presents novel and serious questions under both the First and the Second Amendments. The District Court found, in a thorough opinion, that the applicants were likely to succeed on a number of their claims, and it issued a preliminary injunction as to twelve provisions of the challenged law. With one exception, the Second Circuit issued a stay of the injunction in full, and in doing so did not provide any explanation for its ruling. App. to Emergency Application 2. In parallel cases presenting related issues, the Second Circuit has likewise issued unreasoned summary stay orders, but in those cases it has ordered expedited briefing,” Thomas and Alito wrote.

Thomas and Alito then strongly advised the Second Circuit to reject New York’s gun-control regime, noting that even if the defendants lose at the Appeals Court level, they should be confident in their Supreme Court appeal.

“I understand the Court’s denial today to reflect respect for the Second Circuit’s procedures in managing its own docket, rather than expressing any view on the merits of the case. Applicants should not be deterred by today’s order from again seeking relief if the Second Circuit does not, within a reasonable time, provide an explanation for its stay order or expedite consideration of the appeal,” Alito and Thomas wrote.

The Supreme Court was not going to put this issue on the back burner or rush it through oral arguments.

Nonetheless, the Court’s conservatives are informing the lower courts and the state of New York that they are ready to let the case play out, despite the fact that the gun grabbers’ argument is doomed.

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