A Democrat went on Fox News and spilled the truth about Joe Biden

The Joe Biden presidency has been going down in flames. The end of his political career may be right around the corner.

Because a Democrat went on Fox News and spilled the truth about Joe Biden.

Many on the left believe California Congressman Ro Khanna will carry on the Bernie Sanders movement and has a promising future in so-called “progressive Left” politics.

That is why Khanna’s willingness to appear on Fox News with host John Roberts and criticize Joe Biden for stealing confidential data and demand a probe into Biden’s connections to the Communist Party of China through his think tank stood out.

Khanna slammed Biden for the most recent development that secret documents that Biden took while a U.S. senator were discovered during an FBI search of Biden’s house.

“Well, look, those documents shouldn’t have been there,” Khanna said.

“When I look at classified information, being on the House Armed Services Committee, I go to a SCIF, and I have to give over my phone, and I’m not allowed to take documents out of the SCIF. So, I really don’t understand how those documents got into a personal residence and we do need answers on that.”

Khanna said there has to be a better procedure in place to stop the removal of secret documents and linked this scandal to the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Khanna, however, expressed grave fear that Biden was keeping stolen confidential papers at the Penn-Biden Center, which was supported by tens of millions of dollars in contributions from Communist China.

“Why can’t we have a process to make sure that classified documents aren’t removed from the executive branch no matter who the president is and that there is a process to make sure no senator or congressman is removing these?” Khanna continued.

“Now obviously, no one can defend having classified documents sitting at a Penn Center or a personal residence and I believe the president will acknowledge that was a mistake.”

Khanna also demanded that the sponsorship of Joe Biden’s research group by the Chinese Communist Party be looked into.

“Who was the money coming from? Was it coming from private individuals? Was it coming from people with ties to the Chinese Communist Party? What was the purpose of the funding? Was it connected in any way to the Penn Center? I mean, we can’t just have two facts out there without a deeper investigation of all the facts. But if you’re asking, should all the facts come out? Of course they should,” Khanna added.

Because they believe he will lose, Democrats do not want Joe Biden to run for reelection in 2024.

Every survey reveals that the majority of Americans, as well as the majority of Democrats, oppose Joe Biden running for re-election.

Joe Biden is viewed by the public and many of his own party as being too old and senile to hold the office of president for another four years.

And the incident involving the stolen sensitive materials gave Democrats their chance to table him for 2024.

But if the Democrats are doing just that, then they have a major problem on their hands still.

Who on earth could they put up for nomination in 2024?

Kamala Harris is more politically toxic than a Chernobyl plant.

Pete Buttigieg’s political future went down when all domestic flights were downed.

Bernie Sanders is viewed as out-of-touch and getting too old for the young, Leftist base.

Then there’s Hillary Clinton, and we don’t think much has to be said about how awful she would be for the Democrats.

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