CNN just went off script with its latest attack on Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency is collapsing around him. Even the corporate-owned media is turning against him.

And CNN just went off script with its latest attack on Joe Biden.

These days, President Joe Biden’s pals are few and far between.

After a poor start to his presidency, Democrats are increasingly considering ousting him in 2024.

The corporate-controlled media was Biden’s biggest fan during his presidential campaign and for the most of his presidency.

They diligently hid his repeated lies and failures in order to prop up his collapsing rule.

But CNN has just flipped on President Biden in a stunning fashion.

The network’s “fact-checkers” savaged him for a string of lies he told leading up to the midterm elections.

CNN reporter Daniel Dale called Biden out on nine false claims he made concerning business taxes, Trump tax cuts, the debt and deficit, the unemployment rate, his student loan giveaway, gas costs, his friendship with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, and two lies about Social Security.

After years of providing cover for Joe Biden, CNN is now calling him out on his lies.

In an unprecedented effort, CNN fact-checkers deconstructed Biden’s lies one by one for their audience.

The most stunning correction came on Trump’s tax cuts, which have long been portrayed as a “tax cut for the rich” by CNN and the Left.

Biden wrongly claimed that the Trump tax cut “affected only the top 1% of the American public,” but CNN showed out that the plan benefited the vast majority of taxpayers.

CNN’s decision to reverse its treatment of Biden indicates that they are done with him.

This is one more indication that the corporate-controlled media is attempting to derail Biden’s candidacy for President in 2024.

The New York Times and Washington Post both published articles recently urging for someone other than Joe Biden to be President in 2024.

Democrats recognize that Biden’s advanced age, rapidly deteriorating mental faculties, and terrible support ratings will be a major issue for voters in two years.

With the economy on the verge of a terrible recession, the Left is attempting to clear the way for Democrats in the 2024 Presidential election.

And as he considers running for President a second time, Joe Biden is running low on allies.

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