CNN makes shocking admission to America

CNN is completely biased towards the Left. But now they are changing the story.

And CNN has made a shocking admission to America.

In a stunning reversal, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has sounded the alarm on the dire state of American education, exposing how elite universities have abandoned academic excellence for a radical leftist agenda.

This unprecedented break from the network’s usual narrative suggests that even the most liberal media outlets are finally awakening to the dangerous path America is being led down.

Zakaria’s scathing critique focuses on the alarming trend of universities prioritizing “diversity and inclusion” over meritocracy.

He highlights the downplaying of standardized tests, the prioritization of race and gender in faculty hiring, and the creation of “safe spaces” as key examples of this harmful shift.

These policies, he argues, stifle intellectual diversity and create a climate of intellectual fragility, ultimately undermining the very purpose of higher education.

But what makes Zakaria’s statement truly remarkable is its implicit acknowledgment of the destructive nature of this agenda.

He calls for universities to “abandon this long misadventure into politics” and return to their core mission of “research and learning.”

This plea, coming from a prominent voice within the liberal media, suggests a growing concern that America’s future is at stake if we continue down this path.

Zakaria’s words offer a powerful counter-narrative to the dominant leftist ideology that has infiltrated our institutions.

His exposure of the dangers of this agenda provides ammunition for those who have been sounding the alarm for years, giving them a platform to amplify their message and demand a course correction.

This is a turning point in the fight to reclaim America’s educational system.

If even CNN is acknowledging the destructive nature of the current agenda, it’s a sign that the tide is turning.

We must seize this opportunity to demand excellence and intellectual freedom in our universities.

It’s time to reclaim the American university for its true purpose: fostering critical thinking, intellectual rigor, and a love of learning, all without the shackles of political ideology.

The future of America hinges on the quality of our education system.

We must act now to ensure that our universities are preparing future generations to lead, innovate, and contribute to a vibrant and prosperous nation.

Let it be a reminder that it’s never too late to course-correct and ensure that America’s future remains bright.

Even with the Radical Left seeking to destroy every aspect of this country, America must fight back against this Radical Agenda.

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