Top Democrat makes shocking move that has left people scratching their heads

The Radical Left is off its rocker. Nothing proves it more than what one man just did.

Because this top Democrat makes shocking move that has left people scratching their heads.

Democrats have been content for years to let this country be flooded with dangerous and illegal immigrants.

They are happy to watch the country become overrun, unsafe, and crippled as long as the issues don’t affect them.

But recently, Democrats all over have started feeling the effects of their Radical Agenda, and they are begging for it to stop now.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson claims his city remains a “welcoming city” for illegal immigrants. Yet, his recent actions speak louder than words.

In a desperate attempt to deter bus companies from dropping off illegal aliens, Johnson has implemented stringent new rules and levied hefty fines, revealing the truth behind the “sanctuary city” label.

Quietly passed in November, these rules now restrict when, where, and how often bus companies can drop off passengers.

They also require permission from city hall, which can be denied at will. This effectively gives the city control over the flow of illegal immigration, contradicting the “welcoming” narrative.

To enforce these restrictions, Johnson has unleashed a flurry of fines and lawsuits against 77 bus companies, totaling $3,000 per bus.

This aggressive action demonstrates his true priority: stopping the influx of illegal immigrants, regardless of his public pronouncements.

While Johnson cloaks his actions under the guise of “safety,” the real motive is clear.

With an approval rating plummeting to 28%, he desperately needs to appease a growing number of Chicagoans opposed to his policies.

The mayor’s claim that Chicago “continues to welcome asylum-seekers” rings hollow.

The new rules and aggressive enforcement clearly aim to discourage any such welcome, but he continues to tell the world that Chicago is a “sanctuary city” and will “welcome” illegal immigrants.

The citizens of Chicago have made it clear that they are suffering, so their mayor is trying to pretend like he cares about them.

Furthermore, the recent closure of his planned tent city in Brighton Park due to toxic soil further undermines his credibility.

This embarrassing failure exposes the haste and lack of planning characteristic of his administration.

The truth is, Mayor Johnson’s “welcoming city” is a facade.

His rhetoric and actions contradict each other, revealing a mayor more concerned with political survival than the well-being of Chicago and its residents.

The citizens of Chicago deserve better than a mayor whose actions speak louder than his empty words.

It’s time for him to prioritize the needs of his city and its people, not his own political agenda.

Mayor Johnson will stop at nothing to keep people happy including lying and contradicting himself.

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