Democrat candidate and professor makes shocking DEI statement that concerns everyone

The Radical Left has a strange obsession with DEI that no one can explain. But now they have taken things too far.

Because a Democrat candidate and professor has made a shocking statement that concerns everyone.

The Radical Left is constantly advocating for policies that do nothing but harm to America and the citizens of this great nation.

Instead of trying to unite or build a better world, the Left is obsessed with destroying everything good in America.

One of their more recent pushes has been “DEI” or Diversity Equity and Inclusion. This initiative is an attempt by the Left to force all Americans into obeying their Radical agenda.

However, because this push has been nothing more than harmful radical policies and ideologies that undermine everything America stands for, there has been a significant amount of backlash to the DEI push from American patriots.

And now, seeing that their stranglehold on America is failing, the Left has resorted to absolute madness to fight back.

In an interview on Monday, Stacey Abrams, a professor at Howard University and a former Democratic candidate for Georgia governor, asserted that “the attack on DEI is an attack on Democracy” in the US, along with other institutions.

Abrams made the remark during an MSNBC interview with Al Sharpton.

She began by saying, “We have to remember that built into every victory are the seeds of defeat, but also built into every defeat are the seeds of victory.”

“We have seen victory, but we cannot rest on that victory and think that it is impermeable and impervious to harm,” she added.

She continued on and said, “What we know is that the attack on diversity, equity, and inclusion, DEI, is an attack on democracy, it’s an attack on education, it’s an attack on how our economy works.”

Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, she continued, “are pathways to the American dream, they are proof points.”

The Democratic senators from Georgia, Abrams surmised, “scare those who want this world to be more narrow and more restrictive.”

She lost her 2018 campaign to become Georgia’s governor against Brian Kemp, and she has repeatedly denied the defeat throughout the past few years.

Her refusal to acknowledge the election results is frequently pitted against the Democrats who highlight Trump’s reluctance to concede the 2020 presidential race to Vice President Joe Biden right away.

During his own 2024 presidential campaign, Trump has been dealing with a lawsuit in Georgia filed by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

In recent months, across the entire United States, DEI has not been as popular as it once was.

The Supreme Court overturned affirmative action, and numerous bills have been presented to overturn DEI policies at US institutions.

America is fighting back, and we will not give in to the madness of the Left.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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