Newly discovered motion reveals shocking Biden collaboration against Trump

Everyone knows that the Radical Left hates Trump and that they are willing to do anything to stop him from taking back the White House. But people were still shocked at how far they took things.

Because a newly discovered motion has revealed a shocking Biden collaboration against Trump.

Judge Aileen Cannon made public a version of Donald Trump’s application to compel discovery in the Mar-a-Lago records case on Monday, revealing that many of the details that Jack Smith, the special counsel for Biden, had previously redacted had been removed.

One section, “Early Indications of NARA Bias,” which was severely redacted in its first, January 16 version, now claims that NARA General Counsel Gary Stern gave President Trump’s [Presidential Records Act] representatives an internal email with a draft letter attached.

Stern reported having ‘many talks’ with [redacted] from the [White House Office of Records Management] and that [redacted] had ‘directly brought up some of these concerns with David [Ferriero, NARA’s Archivist].’

“Stern’s draft concluded that ‘things were very chaotic, as they always are in the course of a one-term transition,’ and he acknowledged that ‘the transfer of the Trump electronic records is still ongoing and won’t be complete for several more months.’”

Most of this section was redacted in the original version, including an exhibit note stating that a “NARA employee explained to the FBI that ‘it is not uncommon that PRA material collection extends past the close of any presidential administration,’ sometimes,’ well after the close of any given presidential administration.'”

In a separate section titled “The Biden Administration Weaponizes the PRA,” it is stated that “Deputy White House Counsel Jonathan Su asked one of President Trump’s PRA representatives to permit [redacted] to access notes from the Trump administration related to records handling in late September 2021, without disclosing that NARA had already drafted a referral letter and contacted DOJ.”

Su then stepped in, saying, “Could we discuss the process before anything is provided to him?” in response to Stern’s promise to provide President Trump’s PRA representative a copy of the notes.

The portion was censored following the name Jonathan Su.

This entire section was completely redacted: “Stern agreed to coordinate on this issue with the Biden Administration, but informed Su that the request was atypical; ‘normally, we would have to provide the records to him per the notification/review process, before we could provide anything to you.’ Two days later, Stern assured Su that the PRA representative ‘had not asked to see these records.’”

It continues, “On October 5, 2021, Stern sent an internal email describing a strategy to ‘time’ NARA’s public communications with Congress in order to prejudice President Trump. Stern’s email attached a ‘draft letter to the Hill re social media records,’ which he proposed to ‘run … past WH Counsel’ before notifying President Trump.”

“Three days later, the Biden Administration instructed NARA to reject President Trump’s assertion of executive privilege and to disclose records to the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol (the ‘J6 Committee’),” it adds.

The second part of the piece was substantially classified and was included in a different section headed The White House Instructs NARA to Contact Prosecutors.

The statement started out by saying that the office of the special counsel “falsely claimed that NARA independently referred this matter to DOJ on February 9, 2022.”

The subsection now states, “However, the evidence demonstrates that Su—on behalf of the Biden Administration—referred NARA to DOJ on January 21, 2022.”

Judge Cannon’s order from early April led to the release of the far less redacted version of the motion.

The parties in the case were directed to cooperate with regard to the redaction of materials that could identify a potential witness, and the special counsel was required to file an index identifying potential government witnesses identified in the materials included in the motion to compel.

These redacted documents prove that Joe Biden and the Left’s weaponized justice system worked together to fabricate the criminal case against Trump.

And although the Left tried to cover up the truth, the American people have found out the truth, and the Left cannot deceive us with their lies any longer.

We must not allow this sort of madness to continue. If the Left can use the justice system to attack their political rivals, what is to stop them from going after other Americans?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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