Trump lawyer reveals shocking secret about Democrats that they tried to keep hidden

The Left is always doing everything they can to hide the truth. Because they know they would never get elected again if Americans found out what’s really going on.

And now a Trump lawyer has revealed a shocking secret the Democrats tried to keep hidden.

This week, one of the top attorneys for former President Donald Trump emphasized his belief that Democrats had brought criminal charges against Trump in an attempt to keep him off the campaign road.

When asked what he thought was going on by host Jesse Watters during a Fox News interview, attorney Chris Kise responded as follows.

“Well, I think, you know, the Democrats claim that Trump is a threat to democracy,” he answered Watters.

“The real threat to democracy is the willingness to abuse the power of your office to influence what should otherwise be a free and fair election. And that’s exactly what’s going on downtown in the courtroom. I mean, look at just this week.”

He added, “You’ve got a hearing in a civil case about essentially nothing. You’ve got a criminal trial starting. And later this week, there’ll be a Supreme Court argument. All in cases that were made up specifically for the purpose of influencing the outcome of an election.”

According to Kise, Trump’s trials have all followed a “similar pattern,” and he questions whether the Democrats really care that much about Trump winning them.

He said, “I’m not even sure that they really care what the outcome was.”

He then pointed many instances that seem to point to the Left merely stalling for time and doing everything they can to keep Trump from the campaign trail.

“We went downtown and had a hearing to determine that $175 million of President Trump’s cash that he posted, is actually worth $175 million. And a bond form that has been in use for 100 years in the State of New York is actually valid, but we wasted time, money, and resources. And I think that’s the goal,” he said.

He then added that the Left wants to merely waste time: “Let’s drain the President’s time. Let’s drain his focus. Let’s drain his resources. All while now President Biden is somehow magically out of the basement campaigning. He’s on the campaign.”

Kise then emphasized the drain that the courtroom can have on a person and highlighted that “it does take a toll.”

He added, “I think that President Trump will withstand that toll, because he’s an extraordinarily resilient individual.”

Kise said that “it’s demonstrative of exactly what they want. The Democrats have President Trump where they want him: Trump on trial, President Biden on the campaign trail. That’s what they’re looking to do. “

Nonetheless, the Left is still trying everything they can to drain, exhaust, distract, and slow down Donald Trump.

These bogus charges are nothing more than distraction attempts to keep Trump from campaigning.

The Left knows that the American people are sick and tired of Joe Biden and the Radical agenda of the Left. They also know that Trump has the support to take back the White House.

So, instead of letting Democracy reign, the Left is using anything they can to ensure that Trump never sees public office again.

The Left will not stop until they control every aspect of this nation and turn it into their Radical playground.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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