New report details election concerns since 2008

The Left claims that they have never interfered in elections, but everyone knows that isn’t true. And now, there is definitive proof.

Because a new report has detailed election concerns since 2008.

The Radical Left has tried to claim that conservatives and Republicans have been interfering in elections for years now.

They have even gone so far as to bring charges against Donald Trump for election interference, yet they refuse to admit that they are the ones tampering with elections.

And while they try to hide the truth, there is nowhere they can run now because undeniable proof has been brought forth against the Left.

A study by the Media Research Center claims that since 2008, Facebook, a major player in the tech industry, has “interfered” with elections at least 39 times.

In March, MRC conducted research on the impact of Google’s election meddling and discovered that the internet behemoth “interfered” in elections no less than 41 times.

After that, the MRC turned their attention to Facebook to determine the number of times the social media site “interfered” in elections.

Around 2020, when Joe Biden and then-President Donald Trump were competing for the White House, there was an increase in the reported meddling.

MRC President Brent Bozell told Fox News reporters, “Like Google, Facebook has an extensive history of interfering in U.S. elections. But it’s not completely fair to compare the two companies. I believe some part of Mark Zuckerberg believes in free speech. Google management clearly does not.”

He added, “But regardless of what Mr. Zuckerberg believes, his company’s policies and practices have resulted in a great deal of censorship that always seems to target the same side of the political spectrum, and it needs to stop.”

The report details the number of times Meta has gotten involved in elections since Barack Obama’s election as president.

Among the many instances the tech giant is accused of meddling in US elections is the suspension of a veterans’ advocacy group over a meme depicting the Benghazi assault, which many associate with Hillary Clinton.

It also blocked news and “conservative topics,” including then-Democratic Party candidate Bernie Sanders.
Facebook tracked news during this time period via a trending section on its website that was hand-picked by contractors.

Gizmodo was informed by the feed curators in 2014 and 2015 that the articles included in the trending area were subject to the prejudices of the curators and the content Facebook desired to be popular.

According to the research, there were multiple more occasions where censorship on the social media site reportedly increased throughout the 2020 presidential campaign of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The report claims that the platform would filter advertisements featuring President Trump when he was in office, and it did so at least four times.

A month before the election, one campaign ad was allegedly taken off of the platform.

Users’ access to political content on Meta’s Facebook and Instagram apps was restricted starting in 2024.

By default, Threads, the X substitute, does not suggest any political content.

This sort of meddling and interfering with elections are exactly what Americans have been worried about for years. And while the Left can deny the truth all they want, the American people have the proof.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics where we bring you the TRUTH in the news.

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