Witness in Trump trial reveals the shocking truth that Democrats were trying to cover up

The Left has been pushing charges against Trump in order to stop him from taking back the White House. But now, it seems their plan has backfired.

Because a major witness in the Trump trial has revealed the shocking truth that Democrats are trying to cover up.

Tuesday marked the start of witness David Pecker’s second day on the stand in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s case against Donald Trump for falsifying corporate documents.

American Media Inc. is the company that publishes the National Enquirer.

Before the court adjourned for the day, Pecker started his testimony on Monday afternoon and spoke for less than thirty minutes.

In his testimony, Pecker claimed that in order to stop a report about an alleged out-of-wedlock child Trump had from being published, he had paid a doorman.

Pecker stated, “We found that it was absolutely, 1000% untrue,” as reported by Reuters.

Pecker was also questioned regarding the history of a picture and narrative purporting to depict Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’s father, and Lee Harvey Oswald.

According to NBC News, the two were in New Orleans in 1963 distributing pro-Fidel Castro leaflets, shortly before Oswald would assassinate President John F. Kennedy.

Cruz was a Republican primary contender in 2016 at the time.

“We mashed the photos and the different pictures with Lee Harvey Oswald. And mashed the two together. And that’s how that story was prepared — created I would say,” Pecker stated in court.

In his testimony, he further stated after receiving a story from Michael Cohen on, say, Ted Cruz, the National Enquirer “would embellish it from there.”

Pecker, who identified Trump in the courtroom as “sitting, wearing, I think, a dark blue suit,” said in his testimony on Tuesday that he had known the president since the 1980s.

Before Pecker bought the National Enquirer in 1999, he claimed to have “had a great relationship with Mr. Trump over the years” and to have “had a lot of dealing and discussion with Mr. Trump as a celebrity in his own right.”

Pecker claimed to have seen Trump “more frequently” after he declared his candidacy for president, and that he had thought of him as a friend at least until 2017.

He used to see Trump every three months or so before that.

He said in court that he witnessed Trump go over and sign checks and bills, and he called Trump “very knowledgeable.”

I would describe him as very detail-oriented. I would describe him, almost, as a micromanager — he looked at all aspects of whatever the issue was.” Trump, he added, was “very cautious, very frugal.”

Pecker claimed that in 2000, he had first met Cohen at a bar mitzvah, and in 2007, Trump had presented Cohen to Pecker as his new employee.

He claimed to have been informed by Trump “that my contacts should now go through Michael Cohen.”

He testified, “If there was any rumors in the marketplace about Mr. Trump or his family or any negative stories that were coming out or things that I heard overall that I would go through, I would call Michael Cohen directly.”

Pecker said that he did promise to print favorable stories about Trump, bad pieces about his opponents, and alert to any possibly damaging information when Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass questioned him on a number of issues.

Pecker stated in his deposition that he would alert Cohen to a negative story, which Cohen would investigate to determine its veracity before getting in touch with the specific media to try to prevent the piece from being published.

In his testimony, he further stated that he refrained from buying a piece about Trump to ensure that it hadn’t been released before August 2015.

Additionally, he said that because “it was just an agreement among friends,” the agreements he made with Trump were not recorded and that he had informed Dylan Howard, the National Enquirer’s then-editor-in-chief, that “the agreement that I made has to be highly, highly confidential.”

This testimony of Pecker is one that will play a major role in the case moving forward, but as was revealed, it also highlights that people were paid to publish false stories against Trump.

The Left can try to hide the truth all they want, but the American people will find out.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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