FBI director reveals chilling truth that has Democrats scrambling to hide

The government under the Joe Biden administration seems to have lost all credibility with the American people. But now, people are starting to listen again.

Because the FBI director has revealed the chilling truth that has Democrats scrambling to hide.

In a recent interview, FBI Director Christopher Wray issued a warning, stating that the United States is dealing with an unprecedented level of threat on all fronts.

In an extensive interview with NBC News that aired on Tuesday, Wray discussed the anti-Semitic protests occurring on college campuses and asked Americans who use TikTok to stop using the app.

On a segment of NBC with Lester Holt, Wray said, “As I look back over my career in law enforcement, I’m hard-pressed to come up with a time where I’ve seen so many different threats all elevated all at the same time, whether it’s the threats from China, Russia, Iran, the terrorism threats, both foreign terrorist threats and domestic terrorist threats.”

He stated, “So we thought that even before October 7, if you and I were having this conversation then, we would have said that the terrorism threat was already elevated.”

He then added, “But post October 7, it’s gone to a whole other level.”

In response to a question concerning the recent uprisings on American college campuses, Wray stated that the FBI has observed a “significant increase, especially in anti-Semitic threats and anti-Semitic violence.”

According to him, the FBI usually stays out of the demonstrations.

“We keep no track of protests,” he declared. “However, we do exchange intelligence regarding specific violent threats.”

Wray then issued a strong warning to Americans about using TikTok, a well-known social media platform under the control of the communist regime in China.

Holt said, “Congress is on the verge of passing legislation that would essentially ban TikTok if it’s not sold.”

He then asked Wray, “You’ve talked about this, many in the government have talked about the threat of TikTok, can you be specific about what your fear is?”

“TikTok, for us, represents a national security concern. And the reason I say that is that TikTok’s parent company is beholden to the Chinese government,” answered the FBI director.

“So that for us manifests itself in three specific ways: it has to do with the data, it has to do with the recommendation algorithm, it has to deal with the software.”

“The data, that we’re talking about the ability to control or collect data on millions and millions of users and to use it for all sorts of influence operations, like driving their AI efforts, which are not remotely constrained by the rule of law,” he added.

Holt then asked whether or not this was actively happening or if it was merely a warning: “Are they doing that now or that’s simply, they have the capability to do that?”

And Wray’s response was chilling. “What I would say to you is that they are currently attempting to steal our AI and hack American technology every day.”

“My message is you need to take into account who the Chinese government is, who the Chinese Communist Party is, even if for some reason, you don’t care about that, which I would argue you should,” he continued.

“What about all of your friends, family members, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, etc, who are also participating and are connected to you through all those same things? Maybe they would care about the ability of the Chinese government and the Chinese intelligence services to access all that.”

The idea that the Chinese government is attempting to spy on Americans is not a new idea, but the fact that they have access via TikTok into all of our lives is terrifying.

These warnings show that the stability of the entire world has crumbled under Joe Biden’s administration, and the peace that we all enjoyed under Trump is long gone.

We must remain cautious, especially during times like this.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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