Department of Homeland Security issues chilling warning amidst massive protests

Joe Biden cannot control the Radical Left no matter what he tries. So other people are stepping up to do what Biden refuses to.

And now, the Department of Homeland Security has issued a chilling warning amidst massive protests.

Joe Biden has fully given in to the demands of the Radical Left, and he is merely a puppet that they can use to force their Radical agendas on the world.

As soon as Joe Biden took office a few years ago, he undid almost every positive thing that Donald Trump did.

One of the biggest was the complete reversal of many of the border security and immigration policies that Trump had in place.

Instead of realizing that these actions by Trump were pro-America, kept us safe, and encouraged legal immigration, Joe Biden tried to frame Trump as a xenophobe and a racist for not letting just anyone into the country.

Because of Joe Biden’s Radical open border policies, the nation has seen record illegal immigration, and violent crime by illegal immigrants has skyrocketed.

Along with this record influx of illegal immigrants, there has also been a huge amount of anti-American young adults that have flooded the country.

Across many college campuses in the United States, there have been mass anti-America protests and many elite-level college campuses have done nothing about these students chanting “death to America.”

However, now the DHS has taken things into their own hands and has issued a chilling warning to these Radical students.

Foreign college students who are suspended on campus while in possession of a student visa may be deported, according to a statement released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Wednesday.

This announcement is made against the backdrop of anti-Israel demonstrations that have broken out on college campuses around the country.

On Sunday, Senator Marsha Blackburn turned to social media to call for the immediate deportation of any international students studying in the United States who participate in demonstrations in favor of Hamas.

She also suggested canceling federal student loans for any American students detained for providing support to the terrorist organization in Palestine.

As to the report published by Fox News, international students are deemed to be “in status” by DHS’s Homeland Security Investigations, provided that they demonstrate progress in their academic studies.

On the other hand, suspension may put a student’s standing in jeopardy and trigger removal procedures.

A DHS spokesperson said, “A temporary suspension, even if that were a final determination for a student, does not necessarily mean that the student would fall below ‘normal progress’ in his/her course of study.”

“If a student were to be suspended, DHS would need reason to believe that the student would not be able to make normal progress in his/her course of study,” the spokesperson continued. “And if it believed a suspension merited that type of decision, it would have to initiate removal proceedings, which would be done on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Office of the Principal Legal Advisor (OPLA).”

An immigration judge has the final say over whether to deport a foreign national, and the Department of Homeland Security is powerless to cancel visas.

Revocations of visas are usually handled by the State Department; they do not always result in deportation procedures, but they do bar access into the country in the future.

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