Joe Biden makes major mistake during recent speech and everyone is concerned

Joe Biden’s mental health has been a topic of great discussion in recent days. And many Americans are worried about his ability to lead this nation.

But now, Joe Biden has made a massive mistake during a recent speech and everyone is concerned.

Over the past few years, Joe Biden has made some extremely bizarre comments that have people scratching their heads to figure out.

But more recently, the comments have either been completely random mumblings or flat-out lies.

From claiming to have met with dead world leaders, to making up ridiculous stories that have been proven countless times to be lies, Joe Biden cannot help but worry people with his remarks.

One issue in particular that Joe Biden seems to have is that he cannot read off of a teleprompter well if at all.

He reads all of the prompts for himself as if they were part of the speech, and says words out loud that are simply meant as cues for himself.

And recently, President Biden committed yet another teleprompter blunder on Wednesday while giving a speech at the Building Trade Union National Legislative Conference in North America.

The president aloud read out cue phrases like “pause,” as if they were meant to be said out loud.

Biden also declared that he felt the urge to physically attack former President Donald J. Trump and urged Americans to reject democracy.

This caused mass outrage especially since the Democratic party claims to support democracy, which is criticized by Republicans because the US was founded as a Constitutional Republic.

The mistake with the teleprompter happened when it seemed to tell Biden to lead a chant of “Four more years.”

Biden addressed the assembly, reading from the teleprompter, “Four more years.” but he said the cue word “pause” immediately after.

In response to Biden, the audience chanted, “Four more years,” as captured on camera.

Social media users shared videos of the president making a teleprompter gaffe, prompting new concerns about Joe Biden’s mental state and suitability for another term in office.

“I’m not confident this guy can last four more months, much less four more years,” a user said on X.

Another used chimed in saying, “Chanting for 4 more years of a dementia patient as your president. How propagandized and brainwashed into the cult do you have to be to do that?”

Unfortunately, this was not the only error made by President Biden in his speech on Wednesday. “Are you ready to choose freedom over democracy?” he posed to the assembled union workers.

Subsequently, Biden informed the gathering that he experienced a strong want to physically attack Donald Trump, his primary political opponent.

“Think about the guys you grew up with that you’d like to get in the corner and just give them a straight left,” Biden said. However, he added, “I’m not suggesting we hit the president.”

Moreover, according to President Biden, “Donald Trump’s vision of America is one of revenge and retribution.”

As a result of Biden’s use of the Department of Justice as a weapon against Trump, the former president has been threatened with jail time and has received over 90 criminal indictments.

The Radical Left is using Joe Biden as a puppet to ensure that they can get away with their Radical actions.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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