Democrat mayor’s corruption exposed, and even liberals are horrified

The Radical Left seems to have no care about how corrupt they are. But there is a line that has now been crossed.

And a Democrat mayor’s corruption has been exposed, and even liberals are horrified.

At a town hall meeting in Dolton, Illinois on Tuesday, angry locals vented their frustrations at scandal-plagued Mayor Tiffany Henyard, who some have called the “worst mayor in America.” The meeting quickly turned chaotic.

Some managed to enter the facility, which had lately been closed due to growing public outcry over Henyard’s conduct, while others chose to remain outside and use that space to voice their concerns.

One woman who had the opportunity to talk with Henyard directly was Cara Wilson, a mother whose daughter had been shot by Dolton police.

Wilson, according to Fox News, criticized Henyard for not meeting her gaze during her remarks, implying that she didn’t “give a d*mn” about what had transpired.

Wilson continued by pointing out that Henyard had a criminal history but her kid did not.

Wilson turned to Henyard and said, “So let’s tell the truth, which I know you’re incapable of.”

“I wouldn’t trust this woman if she stood on a stack of Bibles and had her tongue notarized, not a d*mn thing she says comes out her mouth is true.”

Henyard was accused by a citizen undergoing radiation treatment for cancer of embezzling money from a cancer charity that the mayor had founded.

Fox News reports that the Tiffany Henyard Cancer And Remission Empowering Survivors (CARE) Foundation is the subject of an inquiry by the Illinois Attorney General due to claims that the organization was not forthcoming enough with information about its financial background.

Henyard is also charged with using the police force as a weapon to conduct “retaliatory business raids” and with using public funds to purchase opulent items and a trip to Las Vegas for herself.

The mayor has refuted the accusations, according to NBC5, and accused the media of spreading “misinformation.”

“Access to the Dolton Village Hall has been restructured to protect our staff due to the overwhelming amount of threats of violence as a result of the continuous misinformation portrayed by the media and internet bloggers who are using Dolton as a means to generate ratings and revenue ie. clickbait,” the mayor’s office wrote in a statement.

“Our staff and elected officials have received several disturbing communications via email, social media, phone calls, and visitors from across the country.”

Residents at the meeting strongly demanded that Henyard step down.

“This has to end, I’m so disappointed in what’s been happening in Dolton,” one resident said.

“Mayor, you need to step down because you have disgraced this village, you really have, everybody up there need to go. We need to know what’s happening with our money.”

This level of corruption and accusations has led many across the nation to condemn what Mayor Heynard is doing.

As corrupt as the Radical Left is, even they have to admit that this level of crime is undeniably wrong.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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