Shocking connection reveals E. Jean Carroll’s lawyer has close ties to Biden campaign

Ever since the beginning, many people have been critical of the E. Jean Carroll proceedings. And countless politicians have called it politically motivated.

And now, a shocking connection reveals E. Jean Carroll’s lawyer has close ties with the Biden campaign.

It has come to light that the attorney who convinced E. Jean Carroll to sue Donald Trump for not believing the r*pe accusations she made against him recently gave almost a million dollars to support Joe Biden’s reelection.

George Conway, who was formerly married to Kellyanne Conway, a former Trump assistant, and had himself applied for a job in the previous administration, gave the Biden Victory Fund the highest amount permitted—$929,600.

Axios reports that in addition to the monetary donation, Conway will be the main attraction at a reception in Washington, DC, which will help advance the president’s efforts to win reelection.

Political consultant Melissa Moss and public relations executive Susan Brophy are organizing the event, which is set for April 24.

Moss clarified in a CNN interview that Conway had not mentioned financial support when she had asked her to attend the fundraiser.

He was adamant however, declaring, “I want to make a statement; I’m all in.”

Conway later told the publication, “This election is about nothing less than whether we’ll continue to live in a democracy under the rule of law.”

“That’s priceless, so I consider my contribution to be a bargain.”

Conway’s opinion of the former president shifted after he was unable to secure employment in the Trump administration.

He became one of the president’s most outspoken detractors and even contributed to his legal problems.

Carroll stated in her testimony that he was instrumental in helping her file a lawsuit against Trump, according to Bloomberg.

In 2019, she filed her first defamation lawsuit against Trump, who claimed the accusations were made to increase sales of her most recent book at the time.

Carroll stated in her 2023 testimony that she spoke with Conway at a party and the conversation gave her the idea to sue Trump since she was a lawyer “who knew the ins and outs.”

A Trump attorney said, “Before that, you had no intention of suing Donald Trump, as we just heard,” and Carroll nodded.

There is a lot of anti-Trump information on Conway’s X profile; his cover photo even has the tagline “Vote for Joe, not the psycho.”

He has repeated all of the key talking points from the Biden campaign, including the now completely refuted “animals” hoax, in which a video clip of Trump comparing illegal immigrants to animals was omitted, revealing that he was only making reference to violent criminals like the one who killed Georgia nursing student Laken Riley.

This connection has revealed that critics might very well be right to call this a “politically motivated witch hunt,” because of the close ties to Biden’s re-election campaign.

Even while the Left has tried to deny any politicization of the lawsuit, the proof is in the pudding, and the American people now know the truth.

The Radical Left can claim ignorance and lie all they want, but the truth has been exposed, and now we fully understand just how corrupt Joe Biden and the Left are.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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