Threat to American lives has Joe Biden in a world of trouble

Joe Biden has proven time and time again that the safety of America is of no importance to him. And he has mostly gotten away with his actions.

But now, a threat to American lives has Joe Biden in a world of trouble.

The current crisis at the US border has been major news for countless months. And people are becoming extremely concerned for their safety because of the amount of violent and illegal criminals that are flooding our communities.

Joe Biden and the Radical Left have repeatedly demonstrated that while they say they care about Americans, they do not actually.

They claim that the crisis at the border is Republican’s fault, or they claim that they are trying to fix it, but they refuse to do anything about the situation and all the while send billions to foreign countries.

It is clear that the priorities of the Left do not include America or its citizens at all.

And now, after being mistakenly freed by the federal government, a known terrorist from Somalia lived in the US for almost a year before being detained once more.

The New York Post said that a 27-year-old unidentified Somalian man was involved in the trafficking and transportation of explosives and firearms and was listed as “a confirmed member of al Shabaab” on the terrorist watchlist.

In March 2023, the terrorist was first apprehended by the authorities in California for unauthorized entry into the nation; however, he was later freed.

Eventually, in January, he was detained again in Minnesota.

GOP lawmakers are now demanding information regarding the incident. They asked, “Did the al-Shabbab terrorist travel to Minnesota with the assistance, either direct or indirect of an [Non-Governmental Organization]? If so, which NGO was responsible for transporting the individual to Minnesota?”

“The Biden administration’s open-borders agenda allowed a known terrorist to roam freely throughout our state, and now they must answer for their inexcusable negligence,” House Majority Whip Tom Emmer said in a statement after the incident.

Due to the Biden administration’s soft border policies, which have resulted in a record influx of illegal immigrants, there has been a rise in the number of people who have crossed the border unlawfully into the US, been apprehended, and are on the terrorist watchlist.

When a terrorist from Hezbollah was captured earlier in March at the US-Mexico border while trying to enter the nation illegally, he declared, “I’m going to try to make a bomb.”

As Joe Biden and the Left try to campaign on false and empty promises of protection and putting Americans first, we know the truth.

Joe Biden has no hope of being re-elected if he continues to act the way he does, and continues to pass policies that cause America and its citizens to suffer.

We have been suffering under the oppression of the Left for long enough, and we will not allow this madness to continue.

Joe Biden and the Left must be held accountable for their actions, and the blood of Americans who have been murdered by illegals is on their hands.

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