Democrats are losing their minds over this shocking Biden test result

Biden has had a history of health issues, and many have been worried. But now the problems seem to be stacking up.

And Democrats are losing their minds over this shocking Biden test result.

A recent series of polls released by the New York Times has sent the entire Democrat world into a complete frenzy.

The new polls detail Trump’s decisive lead over Biden in a number of key swing states.

The polls show that not only is Trump leading in the polls, which many already understood, but they show that Biden so far does not even have a chance at victory.

Now, top Democrats are in a panic and some are even calling for a halt to Biden’s re-election campaign.

Obama’s former “point man” David Axelrod suggested that Biden should re-evaluate whether or not to continue running for president.

He took to X to say, “Only [Biden] can make this decision. If he continues to run, he will be the nominee of the Democratic Party. What he needs to decide is whether that is wise; whether it’s in HIS best interest or the country’s.”

Other Democrat leaders such as Donna Brazile have been more cautious in their words, but she still said the polls served as a “wake-up call” and Democrat strategists said the situation was a “five-alarm fire.”

Biden’s disapproval rating is at 56% and has had more disapproval than approval since the summer of 2021 when he handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban.

His approval on certain topics too is especially low with numbers like 38% for the economy, 36% for crime, 34% on inflation, and 38% on foreign policy.

It is also important to understand that Biden also has an extremely low personal approval rating of 40%.

When Obama was in office, a number of people disapproved of how Obama was handling things, but they at least thought favorably of Obama, whereas now people dislike Biden and think he has done a terrible job handling things.

74% of people polled show that they do not believe that Biden “has the stamina and sharpness to serve effectively as president.”

The Washington Examiner reports that “When a national Democrat’s job approval drops much below 45%, it means he or she is hemorrhaging supporters from the party itself, not just among swing voters.”

And that seems to be exactly what is happening; all the recent polls show Biden is losing support among his core constituents.

Trump has been successful in polls among younger people and nonwhite voters which are both typically demographics that vote for Democrats.

While Trump’s time in office quickly turned unique and wild, people acknowledged that the border was secure, the economy was stable, foreign relationships were strong, and crime was under control.

Now, under Biden, it seems all of these things are all major issues now and his approval ratings continue to plummet.

And even Democrats are worried and are calling for a change with some even begging Biden to not run again.

The situation is crumbling for Joe Biden and his own supporters are turning on him which has left many to wonder what the future looks like for Democrats.

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