Democrats are rattled after murder of one key ally

Politics can be dangerous. But no one ever expected it to go this far.

But now Democrats are rattled after murder of one key ally.

Josh Kruger was a leftist journalist from Philadelphia who had repeatedly spoken out in support of the liberal policies destroying the city.

Kruger at one point even stated, “Some idiot just said you’re more likely to get shot and killed than die of COVID in Philly to make some insensitive rhetorical point for ‘his side.’ Folks, four times as many Philadelphians have died of COVID than gunshots this year. I understand math is hard but do better.”

He also wrote, “Look, it’s that lawless land of liberals in Philly where shootings are…dropping to levels not seen in years.”

However, tragically the journalist was shot seven times and killed in his own home in Philly.

Kruger was constantly downplaying the violent crime in places like Philadelphia, even in a city with one of the highest murder rates in the country.

Kruger claimed that the city’s murder rate was “not as high as you might think.” He also claimed that the city’s gun violence problem was “overblown.”

Kruger was a proud supporter of the Radical Left and their tragic policies and views and was hostile towards anyone who had a different opinion or disagreed with him.

He also was known for his rants against “straight people” even going so far as to say, “They should have never given you people the right to marry.”

The man also claimed that Trump was only president because of “racism” and that it is “the only through line in the frenetic ideology of Trumpism.”

The radical journalist was also a proponent of defunding the police and claimed that the city’s shootings unit and homicide detectives were “doing nothing.”

Yet, he was met with reality in a tragic way and is an example to all Radical Democrats of the harsh truth of their harmful and destructive views and policies.

Kruger’s tragic death is a reminder of the dangers of downplaying violent crime. When leftist journalists and politicians downplay violent crime, they embolden criminals and make communities less safe.

The Biden administration is one of the worst offenders when it comes to downplaying violent crime. The administration has repeatedly blamed the rise in violent crime on guns while ignoring the role of criminals and bad policies in causing the problem.

The Biden administration’s downplaying of violent crime is a threat to public safety. The administration needs to start taking violent crime seriously and take steps to make communities safer.

Joe Biden and the Radical Left are harming citizens across the nation with their terrible policies and their easy stance on crime.

Kruger is an example to all that the harsh reality may not be what the media wants us to think.

While the media may claim that gun violence, murders, and crime in liberal cities are not an issue, Americans, especially citizens of those cities, know the truth.

This tragedy should serve as a reminder to all Americans that even though Democrats claim they care about their citizens, their policies speak louder than their words.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics where we bring you the TRUTH even if the left does not want you to hear it.

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