Democrats’ newest Draconian censorship plan is terrifying

Censorship is directly anti-America yet the Radical Left continues anyway. And even though our constitution protects our freedom of speech, they continue to try and take it away.

But now, Democrats’ newest Draconian censorship plan is terrifying.

The Radical Left talking heads like to spread lies about the GOP and American conservatives.

They claim that Republicans are fascists and that the GOP is “embracing fascism.”

However, with all of this talk and pointing fingers, it is extremely clear that the real fascists in America are actually those on the Radical Left.

The Radical Left has weaponized the justice system to silence their political opponents, they are doing everything they can in the media to control the narrative, and if you do not fit their agenda, they will end you.

Townhall put it this way, “the Left is no longer shy in showing its authoritarian face. We have safe spaces and speech codes. The pronoun police are the new Stasi.”

This is the scary truth of the times.

However, new information has come out regarding the Radical Left’s censorship, and it is more concerning than any of the other issues.

House Republicans from the Judiciary Committee are releasing new emails that show the Radical Left forcing their censorship.

These new emails show the White House pressuring Amazon into censoring books about COVID-19.

Jim Jordan, who is the chair of the House Judiciary Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, claimed that both bodies would be investigating the issue.

These internal Amazon company emails, released by Jim Jordan, show the Biden administration pressuring Amazon into censoring books related to the vaccine because they contained “propaganda” and “misinformation.”

Andrew Slavitt, a former White House senior advisor for COVID-19 response, wrote to Amazon saying, “Who can we talk to about the high levels of propaganda and misinformation and disinformation of [sic] Amazon?”

He continued further, “If you search for ‘vaccines’ under books, I see what comes up. I haven’t looked beyond that but if that’s what’s on the surface, it’s concerning.”

It seems that Amazon was on the lookout for such a message because they claimed they would not initially do anything because it would be too “visible.”

“We will not be doing a manual intervention today. The team/PR feels very strongly that it is too visible, and will further compound the Harry/Sally narrative (which is getting the Fox News treatment today apparently), and won’t fix the problem long-term … because of customer behavior associates,” says the reply.

Amazon was not at all concerned about censoring books or about First Amendment rights, instead, they were scared they would be caught.

However, a week later Amazon met with the White House to discuss things.

Once again, Amazon was not concerned with rights or censorship, instead, they simply needed clarification from the White House:

Did they want the books fully banned or just buried?

This should be terrifying for all Americans, and we cannot allow this to go unpunished.

The current administration is doing everything it can to take away our rights, and we will not have it.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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