Texas National Guardsman exposes what’s really going on at the border

The issue at the southern border is affecting millions of Americans. And even as the Biden administration tries to cover it up, the truth will come out.

And now, a Texas National Guardsman exposed what’s really going on at the border.

In a recent interview with Breitbart, Texas National Guardsman Tim Kennedy said that Joe Biden’s open border policy is “insane” and “insulting.”

Kennedy said, “This week the president said that he needs new legislation that enables him to secure the border, and that’s laughable.”

He continued by saying, “It’s insulting, and the fact that they’re trying to flip the language — like they always have — about who is doing what and the reasons behind it.”

Joe Biden has broken every immigration record as president, and his wide open border policy decisions are destroying America, American lives, and also harming immigrants seeking to migrate here legally.

Guardsman Kennedy pointed out that America already has a system in place, and if only the laws and rules were followed, things would be much better.

He emphasized that we don’t need new rules or policies… we just need to enforce the current ones:

“The laws that exist currently, if they were enforced, are more than powerful enough to be able to secure our border.”

He went on further to compare Biden’s inaction to the relative peace under Trump.

“And [Biden] says, ‘I, as a president, I don’t have the power to do that.’ We saw President Trump did have the power, and he absolutely was securing the border.”

He said, “When you look at the numbers between presidencies, the differences in illegal immigration during those time periods are not even comparable.”

The wide open border is allowing all sorts of crime into the country that is directly hurting the lives of thousands.

Kennedy recalled one scene he saw at the border:

“I saw cartel members pushing babies into the water to create a crisis so that they could smuggle people with bundles of drugs further up river, across the river.”

He added, “I saw them trip dads that had kids on their shoulders so that a few miles away, while we had to push a ton of resources to try to find this kid that’s floating down the river, a couple boats are now crossing with what we can only assume to be the hardened terrorists on watch lists.”

The situation at the border is not as simple as letting people into the country so that they can start new lives.

No, the system we have in place is designed to filter out legal vs illegal, but Joe Biden has tossed it all aside.

Kennedy claims that the issue is “warfare.”

He said “It’s all strategic. It’s all planned. It’s a form of warfare that’s being waged against us.”

We must all wake up to the situation on America’s southern border, and we cannot be passive.

Joe Biden is destroying this great nation, and half of the country is sitting idly by watching it happen.

America does not need new policies or laws… we need to enforce those that are proven to work… (proven under Donald Trump).

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