DeSantis makes a major comeback with massive win in Florida

Since DeSantis dropped out of the primary, not much has been heard from him. But now, he has made headlines everywhere.

Because DeSantis has made a major comeback with a massive win in Florida.

This week, an illegal alien who was wanted in Oregon for r*pe and sexual assault was apprehended in Florida.

Federal immigration officials first refused to take the suspect into custody, but eventually gave in to pressure from Governor Ron DeSantis.

A few weeks ago, Juan Jose-Sebastian, a 26-year-old national of Guatemala, was taken into custody by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office in Florida for driving without a license.

Police discovered that he was wanted in Oregon on three charges of r*pe and sexual assault just before he was scheduled to be released from jail.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) advised Martin County Sheriff William D. Snyder late last week that ICE would not seize the illegal aliens since they were released from detention owing to the massive influx of illegal aliens into the country as a result of President Joe Biden’s policies.

Oregon, ruled by Democrats, declined to extradite him.

“The reason I get up every day and the reason I’m sheriff is to keep the people of my county safe,” said Snyder.

“It’s my responsibility and for me to have to release a felon who’s wanted in another state for such serious crimes was painful and it was not something I wanted to do and if there was any other mechanism for me to keep the suspect I absolutely would have done it.”

The DeSantis administration, which has taken a harsh stance against illegal immigration, moved swiftly to put pressure on the Biden administration to apprehend the suspect and take him off Florida’s streets.

“We had to really pull teeth to be able to get the federal government to detain an illegal alien who was apprehended in South Florida,” said DeSantis during a press conference on Tuesday.

“It was a relatively minor offense. They had held them for as long as they could, but he was wanted on charges involving r*pe and sexual abuse in Oregon. And Oregon did not want to accept this individual.”

“They weren’t interested in seeking justice apparently on behalf of the victims of his crimes. And so the plan was just to release him on the streets of Florida. Well, that is unacceptable. And so, we fought back,” he added

He said that senior members of his administration exerted pressure on Acting ICE Director Patrick Lechleitner to place the person under detention, so enabling the illegal alien to be apprehended again by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

DeSantis called it “pathetic” that Oregon wouldn’t want to return the suspect to face punishment and that the United States was in a position where ICE wouldn’t carry out its duties.

The Radical Left continues to prove their hatred for America, and they have once again shown that they care more about illegal criminals than US citizens.

We cannot allow this madness to continue any longer.

We must elect officials who will protect America and her citizens.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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