Trump issues challenge that has Biden running in terror

The Radical Left is terrified of Trump. And they are worried at what he can do.

But now, Trump has issued a challenge that has Biden running in terror.

Former President Donald Trump has challenged incumbent Joe Biden to a debate “anytime, anywhere, anyplace” in the wake of Nikki Haley withdrawing from the Republican primary.

“It is important, for the Good of our Country, that Joe Biden and I Debate Issues that are so vital to America, and the American People. Therefore, I am calling for Debates, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE! The Debates can be run by the Corrupt DNC, or their Subsidiary, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). I look forward to receiving a response. Thank you for your attention to this matter,” said Trump on his platform Truth Social.

Trump is the only significant candidate for the GOP nomination that is still in the running after Haley withdrew from the contest.

With Biden as the final viable Democratic candidate, the 2024 election cycle will see a rematch between the two.

The formal debate dates have been announced as follows:

September 16 at the University of San Marcos, Texas; October 1 at Virginia State University in Petersburg; and October 9 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, according to the New York Times.

Shortly after Donald Trump’s post, Biden’s campaign manager issued a reply via Fox News.

“I know Donald Trump’s thirsty for attention and struggling to expand his appeal beyond the MAGA base—and that’s a conversation we’ll have at the appropriate time in this cycle. But if he’s so desperate to see President Biden in prime time, he doesn’t have to wait!”

“He can join the tens of millions of Americans who will tune in to watch the State of the Union…He might even learn a thing or two about bringing people together and actually delivering for the American people.”

This is not the first time that Biden has run from a chance to debate Trump.

Earlier this year, in February, Trump made it clear that he did not want to wait to debate Biden.

“I’d like to debate him now because we should debate. We should debate for the good of the country,” said Trump.

Yet, Biden and his team have made it clear that there will be no debate with Trump.

Joe Biden’s mental health is so poor that he cannot even answer basic questions let alone debate anyone.

Trump has repeatedly shown that he is willing to do whatever it takes to help this country, and Joe Biden continues to prove that he cannot even walk without falling over.

We cannot allow this senile fool to continue any longer.

He and his entire administration are destroying this country.

We must rally behind a leader who can speak, debate, walk, and will put the needs of this great nation first.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics where we bring you the TRUTH in the news.

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