Biden admin caught in disturbing Radical propaganda effort

Democrats treat the media as their own personal propaganda machine. And the effects are terrifying.

And now, the Biden administration has been caught in a disturbing Radical propaganda effort.

The National Institutes of Health has funded over $200,000 to a transgender professor and two speech therapy specialists to conduct research and develop a “transgender voice training app” that attempts to make biological males sound more feminine.

A University of Cincinnati team received $213,878 in taxpayer cash from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders to develop the program.

According to the study’s abstract, “Transgender and gender-diverse people exhibit a significantly lower quality of life than the general public. One reason for this is voice dysphoria: distress because a person’s voice does not match their gender identity (e.g., trans women with deep voices).”

Under the project “Improving the Accessibility of Transgender Voice Training with Visual-acoustic Biofeedback,” computers or smartphones to provide “accessible GAVT [gender-affirming voice and communication training].”

It would do this through software “that delivers information about voice, suggests exercises, and provides feedback on exercise performance.”

The goal was to “first develop novel GAVT software that combines visual-acoustic biofeedback about pitch and resonance (two main indicators of voice femininity/masculinity) with exercises for these targets.”

Associate Professor Vesna Novak, together with Victoria McKenna of UC and Tara McAllister of New York University, who specializes in speech-language pathology, will serve as the research’s leaders, according to Fox News.

During an announcement of the grant, McAllister stated, “Some trans people can be negatively impacted if their voice is perceived as incongruous with their gender identity, and they may choose to work with a speech pathologist to achieve a vocal presentation that is comfortable for them.”

“In addition to the pitch of the voice, male and female vocal tracts also differ in their resonating characteristics, but resonance is harder to understand than pitch, and harder to target in therapy. The staRt software allows learners to visualize the resonant frequencies of the vocal tract, which could make it easier to adjust them to match a target that is appropriate for their personal speech goals,” McAllister continued,

Forty transgender males will be divided into two groups: an experimental group using the researchers’ program, or a control group using a generic voice analysis app.

For GAVT, they will have a once-weekly remote meeting with a speech-language pathologist, receive homework, and self-report on how much practice they get each day, how confident they are in their abilities, and how motivated they are.

“In the long term, GAVT software may become an essential tool to reduce gender dysphoria in transgender and gender diverse individuals, thus improving quality of life for this marginalized population. Furthermore, advancements in this area may generalize to computer-aided therapy for communication disorders, increasing potential impact,” the abstract added.

People are outraged that once again, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars are being used to brainwash people and push a Radical agenda.

We cannot sit idly by anymore while the Left continues to steal our money in order to spread their absurd, radical, and harmful propaganda.

We must fight back.

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