Top Democrat makes a shocking policy reversal that stuns America

Liberal policies are always horrible. And they never seem to learn their lesson.

But now, a top Democrat made a shocking policy reversal that stuns America.

San Francisco voters approved two ballot propositions on Tuesday that sought to address the city’s epidemic of addiction and crime.

Measures E and F—both of which Mayor London Breed ardently supported—passed beyond the 50 percent mark in spite of efforts by opposition organizations, such as the American Civil Liberties Union.

Although preliminary polling data indicated that both bills were likely to succeed, the final results demonstrated how widely supported they were.

40.1 percent of the 99,871 people who cast ballots opposed Measure E, with 59.9 percent voting “yes.”

Measure F received a slightly higher number of votes—100,434—with 63.3 percent voting “yes.”

The goal of Measure E was to “allow the Police Department to hold community meetings before the Police Commission can change policing policies, reduce recordkeeping and reporting requirements for police officers, set new policies for police officers to report use-of-force incidents and to engage in vehicle pursuits, authorize the Police Department to use drones and install public surveillance cameras without further approval, and authorize the Police Department to use new surveillance technology unless the Board of Supervisors disapproves.”

For measure F, voters were asked whether or not the city should “require single adults age 65 and under with no dependent children who receive City public assistance benefits and whom the City reasonably suspects are dependent on illegal drugs to participate in screening, evaluation, and treatment for drug dependency for those adults to be eligible for most of those benefits.”

The goal of Measure B, which failed, was to establish minimum levels of police personnel and to set aside money for officer recruiting.

At a bar in the Hayes Valley, Breed celebrated the outcomes with supporters, according to CBS News.

“Enough is enough,” the woman declared. “We need change.”

The city was “in the midst of a voter revolt on public safety,” according to supervisor Matt Dorsey, who also praised Breed’s leadership.

This is simply the most recent in a long list of Radical Liberal cities reversing their Radical policies.

Countless cities and states that sought to decriminalize hard drugs or defund the police have reversed their opinions once they have felt the effects of their policies themselves.

Liberals cannot handle their own failed ideas, yet they want us to have to deal with them anyway.

So many Democrat leaders were pro-open border policies, yet are now begging for help from Biden.

Countless cities claimed they were “sanctuary cities,” but are now reversing that.

And even more Radical politicians spoke out against the police and called for them to be defunded, including San Fransico, but now that they are dealing with the after-effects, they cannot handle it.

This just goes to show how stupid the Left really is.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics where we bring you the TRUTH in the news.

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