Devastating report threatens to destroy the Democrat party completely

It is no secret that Republicans and Democrats have been struggling to find common ground in recent times. But now it appears that even Democrats are struggling amongst themselves.

And a devastating report threatens to destroy the Democrat party completely.

According to recent reports from TheHill, many of Joe Biden’s recent ongoings and policies have completely spilt his much needed support base.

Democrats and business lobbyists claim that the conflict is at a “fever pitch” according to the article.

Many of the conflict stems from how Joe Biden has been handling the border crisis and the fact that he has released millions of illegal immigrants into the United States and completely overwhelmed cities and states.

In a time where the American economy is in complete shambles, the American people are outraged that Joe Biden is so content to continue ruining the country.

During this economy, so many Americans are struggling in extreme ways while Joe Biden shows extreme favoritism to illegal immigrants.

Many Americans are struggling to provide for their families and struggling to pay for gas, groceries, and housing, but even during all of this Joe Biden is giving handouts to immigrants in the country illegally.

Blacks in New York and Chicago are among some of the loudest voices calling for change because even as they struggle, Biden is using their tax payer dollars to give free handouts to illegals.

Breitbart reports that “the favoritism includes turning a blind eye to their illegal entry, and his award of transport, job training, housing, and food.”

It is a complete outrage that millions of illegals should receive things for free that legal citizens are struggling with.

The president of the United States should always be putting the needs of the American people first instead of last like Joe Biden is doing.

More and more reports, articles, and videos are coming out that detail the frustrations of the American people with how Joe Biden is handling things with the economy and immigration.

Even lifelong Democrats are turning away from Joe Biden because of his destructive policies that ae destroying the lives of so many Americans.

Americans have realized that the “party of the people” is actually doing everything they can to destroy the people and make their lives even worse.

Joe Biden is a corrupt and destructive president and he needs to be removed from office and a strong leader needs to be voted into office.

American needs a president and leader who will put American citizens first instead of being more concerned with immigrants hear illegally.

Americans have woken up and realized the truth and we need to hold our elected officials accountable.

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