Donald Trump gave Biden an ultimatum that he never saw coming

Joe Biden and the Democrats thought they had rid themselves of Trump’s power over them. They were dead wrong.

That’s because Donald Trump just gave Biden an ultimatum that he never saw coming.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have been hoping to look past the Trump tenure ever since Biden took the White House in January 2021.

But their colossal failures have made that impossible.

Inflation is at record levels, energy crises are popping up all across the country, crime is on the rise, and international tensions have been hotter than ever.

Particularly concerning has been the threats coming out of Russia from Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine war.

He’s demanding that he gets what he wants and he has said he will not take using nuclear warfare off the table to do so.

Putin has also threatened to use nuclear warfare not just on Ukraine, but also on anyone who interferes with his end goal of annexing most, if not all of Ukraine.

What has been Joe Biden’s response?

Not much.

He’s acknowledged that nuclear tensions are higher than ever, but instead of diplomatically approaching the issue of the war between Ukraine and Russia, he’s largely done nothing at all.

In fact, he’s only really lobbed insults back at Putin like calling him reckless, which is incredibly foolish considering the threat Russia poses to the rest of the world.

Donald Trump has had enough of these games, for one.

Speaking at a rally in Arizona recently, Trump demanded of Biden that he negotiate the peaceful end of the war between Ukraine and Russia to prevent World War III from commencing any day now.

“With potentially hundreds of thousands of people dying, we must demand the immediate negotiation of the peaceful end to the war in Ukraine, or we will end up in World War III and there will be nothing left of our planet all because stupid people didn’t have a clue,” Trump said in Arizona.

This is even stronger rhetoric coming from Donald Trump compared to an event from a week ago in Miami when Trump said the Ukraine-Russia war wouldn’t have happened on his watch and that “it’s got to stop.”

“You would never in a million years — they wouldn’t be there. So sad,” Trump said in Miami. “When I see all these people being killed, it’s got to stop. They’ve got to negotiate a deal.”

Some have pointed out that Donald Trump seems to be the only major political figure in America who is calling for a peaceful end to the war immediately.

Even those within the GOP have bent their knee to arming Ukraine more and fueling the fire of the war.

Joe Biden and the Democrats may not like it, but Donald Trump is right.

These international threats were not an issue when Trump was President, and it’s not just a coincidence that it’s all popping up on Biden’s watch.

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