Donald Trump just cut the legs out from under the competition

Many Americans feel that Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. However, other candidates are still trying to make their mark.

But now Donald Trump just cut the legs out from under the competition.

Following Donald Trump’s recent speech to striking auto workers in Michigan, Trump has clearly cemented his role as the frontrunner.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Breitbart economic editor John Carney highlighted the wins of Trump’s campaign.

Following the RNC debate, it was still clear to many voters that many of the candidates on stage still did not have a coherent economic plan.

Carney states, “Frankly, they really should have driven home the point on inflation a lot more. There are so many issues that tie back to inflation.”

While candidates were struggling on the debate stage, Trump was proving that he is the best option for American voters to overcome the failures of Biden.

GOP presidential hopefuls were struggling to form cohesive thoughts on Wednesday night, when Donald Trump pulled this zinger out of his back pocket.

Trump stated to striking workers, “Under the Trump administration, gasoline engines will be allowed, and sex changes for children will be banned.”

That statement is the exact kind of leadership that Americans are looking for right now.

Carney highlights just exactly why the line was such a hit for Americans.

He states, “It brought together the economic issues facing the country, and it brought together the cultural issues we’re facing in one sentence. Nobody on that stage can rival that. That’s why he’s the frontrunner right now.”

Trump also managed to do something that most Republican candidates could not: he praised the striking workers and offered solidarity.

Instead of highlighting unions or strikes, Trump brilliantly highlighted Biden’s downfalls and pointed towards that as the reason for the auto strikes.

Trump also said, “We love being with you. You love this country. You built this country. And you are the ones that make this country run.”

Trump is campaigning to all Americans, not just rich or poor, white collar or blue collar.

Donald Trump knows how to play his political rivals and use their downfalls and terrible policies to garner support from the American people.

Again, instead of appealing to Democratic talking points or over the top pro-union speech, Donald Trump highlighted the importance of the working class in America, and Joe Biden’s attempt at destroying their lives.

Trump stated, “I put everything on the line to fight for you. I have risked it all to defend the working class from the corrupt political class that has spent decades sucking the life, wealth, and blood out of this country. That’s why I’m here tonight to lay out a vision for a revival of economic nationalism.”

Donald Trump is the clear frontrunner for the Republican nomination, and at this point the presidency.

Americans are sick and tired of Joe Biden’s destructive policies that are ruining America.

They want a strong president with strong leadership who will put the people first.

Donald Trump right now is the clear candidate that portrays the desires of the people in his strong economic speech and his pro-American rhetoric.

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