Joe Biden just made a frightening order you have to see

Biden has made it clear he doesn’t care about following the law. But this takes it too far.

And Joe Biden just made a frightening order you have to see.

The White House recently announced that it would be mandating travel to fossil fuel conferences.

The internal memo shows that the Biden administration is banning senior administration officials from traveling to any “international energy engagements” that promote “carbon-intensive fuels, including oil, natural gas, and coal.”

The Biden administration has claimed that this decision is necessary to address climate change.

However, the truth is that this decision is simply another step towards communism and controlling the people.

Joe Biden and the Radical Left are attempting to control every aspect of life for Americans.

By banning travel to “fossil-fuel” conferences, the Biden administration has shown that they are serious about the level of control they want to have.

They are attempting to stop any opposition or to them, and prevent anyone from having a different opinion than the Radical Left.

While they claim to encourage things like “diversity” they are providing one option and one option only for energy (and other policies) and banning anyone from having a different opinion.

In an effort to completely ban fossil fuels, Joe Biden has also crippled the American economy.

The fossil fuel industry is a vital part of the American economy, and it employs millions of people.

And since Biden took office and started enforcing his harmful “green energy” policies, the price of gas and other energy products has skyrocketed.

The Biden administration’s decision to prohibit official travel to fossil fuel conferences is a clear example of the administration’s hostility towards the fossil fuel industry.

However, this hostility is harmful to Americans, the economy, and the world.

The decision lacks any sort of logical reasoning or science; the fossil fuel industry is essential to the American economy.

However, Joe Biden and his communist regime do not care about Americans or the economy, instead they are trying to force all people into one mindset that agrees with what they want.

Joe Biden and the Radical Left are forcing their false narrative onto the American people and preventing anyone from thinking differently.

Their attack on fossil fuels is harmful to the economy in America and globally.

The American people deserve a better administration than one that bans anything they disagree with.

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