Donald Trump went to the border and made this shocking declaration

Donald Trump has made it clear how he feels about the immigration problem that is destroying America. And even while the Left tries to shut him down, he has continued to fight for America.

And now Donald Trump went to the border and made this shocking declaration.

Former President Donald Trump doubled down on his unwavering commitment to border security during his recent visits to Fort Dodge, Iowa, and Edinburg, Texas, outlining a comprehensive plan to stem the tide of illegal immigration plaguing the United States.

In his fiery speech in Iowa, Trump vowed to dismantle the Biden administration’s “open-borders policies” on day one of his presidency.

He pledged to launch the “largest domestic deportation operation in American history” to address the millions of undocumented immigrants currently within the nation’s borders.

Trump further emphasized his intention to utilize the Alien Enemies Act, a measure dating back to World War I, to expedite the removal of suspected gang members and drug dealers.

He also declared his intention to sign an executive order on his first day in office that would redefine the interpretation of the 14th Amendment, effectively ending the concept of “birthright citizenship”.

The former president also reaffirmed his commitment to bolstering physical barriers along the southern border, emphasizing the need for a reinforced wall to deter illegal crossings.

He additionally advocated for the reinstatement of Title 42, the public health policy that allowed the US to refuse entry to asylum seekers during the pandemic.

In an effort to ensure that immigrants entering the country align with American values, Trump proposed implementing an “ideological screening” process.

This measure would aim to exclude individuals who harbor anti-American sentiments, including “Christian-hating communists and Marxists,” as well as those who pose a potential threat to national security.

Trump also called for the deportation of immigrants found to have “jihadist sympathies”.

He proposed deploying immigration agents to monitor “pro-jihadist demonstrations” to identify and track such individuals.

During his Texas visit, Trump received a resounding endorsement from Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who praised the former president’s dedication to both “securing the border” and restoring “law and order” to the country.

Trump’s comprehensive plan to address illegal immigration reflects his unwavering commitment to safeguarding national security and upholding American values.

His decisive approach stands in stark contrast to the current administration’s lax policies, which have led to a surge in illegal crossings and a deterioration of border security.

The implementation of Trump’s proposals would send a clear message that the United States is no longer a sanctuary for those who enter illegally or hold anti-American sentiments.

His dedication to enforcing immigration laws and protecting the nation’s borders is a clear reminder of the importance of securing our country.

Trump’s aggressive plan to combat illegal immigration offers a beacon of hope for those who yearn for a secure and law-abiding nation.

His commitment to enforcing existing laws, implementing effective border security measures, and upholding American values stands in stark contrast to the current administration’s ineffective approach.

If implemented, Trump’s proposals would significantly deter illegal immigration and protect the integrity of our nation’s borders.

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