Shocking memo shows White House stealing taxpayer dollars for woke agenda

The American people are feeling the effects of the current administration’s woke agenda. And things are just getting worse.

And now, a shocking memo has shown the White House stealing taxpayer money in order to push their woke agenda.

Sen. Ted Cruz is leading the charge against the Biden administration’s “woke initiatives” that are diverting billions of dollars in taxpayer funds away from crucial infrastructure projects.

In an internal memorandum circulated among Senate Commerce Committee Republicans, Cruz highlighted how the Department of Transportation (DOT) is making infrastructure grants contingent upon applicants embracing the administration’s extreme views on climate change and equity.

“Billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars meant for infrastructure projects are tied to woke initiatives that are more focused on dismantling America’s infrastructure in the name of ‘equity’ and ‘climate change’ than building roads, bridges, and highways to connect the country,” the memo states.

This blatant politicization of infrastructure funding is just one more example of the Biden administration’s obsession with “woke” ideology.

As a result, American taxpayers are footing the bill for these radical initiatives instead of seeing their hard-earned money put to good use improving our nation’s roads, bridges, and highways.

The DOT’s funding conditions, which cite President Biden’s executive order on advancing racial equity, mandate that grantees prioritize projects that promote “equity” and “climate change” goals.

Cruz has pledged to author legislation that would prohibit the DOT from tying federal funds to these left-wing priorities.

He has also introduced a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to challenge the Biden administration’s “anti-highway agenda.”

“The DOT funding notice guarantees that applicants will not get construction funds unless they embrace the administration’s extreme views on climate and equity,” the memo states. “Taken together, these additions, which severely deviate from the criteria in law, will favor states seeking to expand mass transit and bike paths over states wanting to build roads.”

The Biden administration’s misguided policies are putting our nation’s infrastructure at risk. By prioritizing “woke” initiatives over actual infrastructure needs, the administration is ensuring that our roads, bridges, and highways will continue to deteriorate.

Americans deserve better than this. We need a government that is focused on fixing our crumbling infrastructure, not on pushing its radical agenda.

Sen. Cruz is standing up for taxpayers and fighting against the Biden administration’s “woke” initiatives.

The Biden administration’s decision to prioritize “woke” initiatives over actual infrastructure needs is a direct insult to American taxpayers.

It is clear that the administration is more interested in pushing its radical agenda than in actually improving our nation’s infrastructure.

This misguided approach to infrastructure funding will have a negative impact on millions of Americans.

Our roads, bridges, and highways are already in dire need of repair, and the Biden administration’s policies will only make the situation worse.

Sen. Cruz is right to challenge the Biden administration’s “woke” initiatives. We need a government that is focused on fixing our infrastructure, not on pushing its radical agenda.

The current administration is actively stealing from the American people and they need to be held accountable.

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