Trump made a sobering threat to the RNC that has RINOs shaking in fear

Donald Trump has been fighting for the Republican nomination again. Things are going well, but he has issues with the current way things are handled.

And now Trump made a sobering threat to the RNC that has RINOs shaking in fear.

Donald Trump has had problems with the way the RNC is approaching the election season this year, and now he has once again ignited controversy within the Republican Party.

He has called for an end to GOP primary debates and suggesting that the Republican National Committee (RNC) use the money saved to “STOP THE STEAL!” and defeat Democrats in the upcoming election.

Trump’s comments come in the wake of a Harvard/Harris poll released Monday, which found him leading the pack of potential Republican presidential candidates by a wide margin.

The poll showed Trump with 58% support, 32 points ahead of his closest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and 6 points ahead of current President Joe Biden.

In a Truth Social post, Trump urged the RNC to “save money on lowest ever ratings debates” and instead pour those resources into efforts to “STOP THE STEAL!”

Trump has made it clear that he believes the RNC debates are a waste of time and money, and he continues to emphasize the need to unite to work together against the Radical Leftists in this nation.

Trump’s suggestion that the RNC revamp itself is not new. He has repeatedly criticized the organization, accusing it of being “weak” and ineffective.

In response to his latest criticism, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel has defended the organization’s record, pointing to the gains Republicans have made in recent elections.

However, Trump’s concerns about the RNC’s effectiveness echo those of many other Republicans.

Some party members believe that the RNC has failed to do enough to help Republicans win elections, and they are calling for changes to the organization’s leadership and strategy.

The battle for the White House in 2024 is as crucial as ever, and the RNC needs to unite behind the strongest candidate and unite the party against Democrats.

Many people agree with Trump and view these debates as a waste of time, and would much rather listen to someone like Trump answering questions regarding how he will help America.

The RNC needs to understand the importance of this election cycle and dedicate themselves to saving America.

Not everyone agrees with Trump, as some still view the debates as essential, however, the fact still remains that unless the Radical Left is defeated in 2024, the future of America is doomed.

The American people cannot survive another four years of this leadership that is killing the American dream, the American family, and even American lives.

It is time for America to wake up and vote out these corrupt frauds who are holding our great nation hostage.

The RNC needs to rally behind the American people too and use their funding and influence to save this country.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics while we bring you the TRUTH that the Left refuses to.

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