Prominent Democrat calls for the elimination of Trump

It is no secret that the Radical Left hates Trump and wants him gone. But people were still shocked and appalled by this newest demand.

And a prominent Democrat leader has said he wants to eliminate Trump.

In a shocking display of his true colors, Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) stated that former President Donald Trump should be “eliminated” during an interview on MSNBC.

His comments, made just moments after he criticized Trump’s “dangerous” rhetoric, were met with swift backlash from both Democrats and Republicans.

Goldman’s incendiary remarks, which he later walked back as a “poor choice of words,” highlight the glaring hypocrisy among the Radical Left.

Many Democrats are eager to embrace a more aggressive stance against Trump, but they are the same ones who condemn Trump for his rhetoric and call it hateful even when they say the same things.

Trump is consistently attacked by the Left no matter what he says, and they expect him to not be allowed to say the exact same things the Left says all the time.

The hypocrisy among liberals is shocking, and they are so dumb that they do not even see any problem and continue to do the exact same thing they want Trump punished for.

Goldman’s apology was half-hearted, insincere, and absolutely does not absolve him of his actions.

His use of the word “eliminated” was absurd and inappropriate, and it is no wonder that it sparked such outrage.

The congressman’s remarks are particularly troubling given his position as a former impeachment manager.

In that role, he was supposed to uphold the highest standards of conduct. Instead, he has shown that he is willing to abandon those standards in the pursuit of partisan political goals.

The Democratic Party must hold Goldman accountable for his actions. His behavior cannot be tolerated, and it must not be repeated.

Rep. Dan Goldman’s suggestion that former President Donald Trump should be “eliminated” was a shocking and irresponsible act.

Just recently, the Radical Left attacked Trump for using the word “vermin” when he was talking about saving America.

The Left quickly jumped on Trump and even took it so far as to compare him to Hitler and Mussolini which is outrageous and the hypocrisy is so glaring and ridiculous.

The Radical Left has tried to lock up Donald Trump for “inciting violence” when he clearly never did, but they expect to get away with calling for the “elimination” of a former president?

Calling for the “elimination” of a political opponent is surely inciting violence yet Goldman is going to walk away completely free.

If that isn’t the most ridiculous thing ever, I’m not sure what is.

The American people are desperate for a leader, and Trump has proven that he will lead America into prosperity and success.

Because of this, the Radical Left is terrified and is doing everything they can to “eliminate” Trump because if he takes office again, it will be the end of the Radical Left and their harmful agendas.

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